Rise of Nightmares gameplay trailer for Kinect horror game

Rise of Nightmares screenshot of gameplay footage (Xbox 360 Kinect)
Rise of Nightmares is an upcoming survival horror title that makes use of Xbox 360 Kinect to create a unique experience.

In many ways it is a mix of say House of the Dead with Condemned only using the Kinect motion sensing camera.

In the game you will face off against zombies and monsters of all types and fight your way out of a dark, evil mansion using melee weapons ranging from brass knuckles to knives, hatchets and chainsaws.

As you can see in this new trailer, the game also has copious amounts of blood and gore, as well as the ability for the player to dismember and decapitate their foes!

Here is the Rise of Nightmares trailer called “Welcome to the Nightmare”.