Alice Madness Returns Snouts Locations Guide (Xbox 360, PS3, PC)

17 June 2011
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Finding Snouts in Alice Madness Returns
Our Alice Madness Returns Snouts Locations Guide will help you find all 59 Snouts. These snouts are spread throughout each chapter and sometimes are slightly hidden. After finding all of these snouts you will receive 2 Achievements or a Trophy.

You will be able to hear them when you are near them either it be below or above you somewhere.

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Chapter 1

There are a total of 14 snouts in this chapter to find and shoot. Some of them will be right in plain sight and others will be slightly hidden. You will be able to hear them when you are close to them especially if they are below or above you.

The Vale of Tears

There are no snouts in this area.

Slug With A Shell

Snout 1
You will find it just after you encounter the Bolterflies for the first time. It will be flying high above at the far end of this area around the ramp.

Snout 2
You will find it flying in-between the 2 platforms in the area just after leaving the kitchen. It will also be to the right of the snow globe.

Snout 3
You will find it flying above in the right corner on the 2nd platform of the same area where you just found Snout #2.

The Crockery

Snout 4
You will find it to the left as soon as you enter the area where you can see a city of gears. This will be right after you collected Memory #10 and Snout #4 as well as passed on the invisible path while shrinking to see it.

Hatter’s Gate

Snout 5
You will find it hidden inside of the wall to the right as you go outside after using the vent for the first time. In order to get to this wall and shoot the snout, you will need to find the invisible platforms by shrinking and then timing your jumps right from platform to platform. You will also find Bottle #4 on the platform above.

Snout 6
You will find it inside of the hole in the wall in the left corner by a Memory. This hole in the wall will be where the invisible platforms are just after defeating the many enemies along with a bunch of shielded enemies.

Snout 7
You will find it underneath of the next platform you come across just after finding Snout #6. Then just jump across to the lower platform with another hole in the way that leads to a dead-end and turn around and shoot the snout.

Snout 8
You will find it in the area below where you need to long jump across a large gap. This will be coming up just after collecting Snout #7. Make sure to shoot the snout before continuing forward and passing through the open doorway.

Always Elevenses

There are no snouts in this area.

About Face

Snout 9
You will find it behind the main platform where you defeated the Menacing Ruin. Jump to the platform on the left and look behind it. This will then bring up a platform with Memory #18 as well.

Smelling and Regurgitating

Snout 10
You will find it in the area where you have to turn a valve to freeze the lava on the ground below. Once you have turned the valve, jump down onto the frozen lava and look underneath the main platform of this room and you find it underneath it.

Snout 11
You will find it in the next room just after fighting the eyepots. You will fight more enemies in this area and afterwards need to freeze the lava by turning a valve. You will then find it in the area behind the false gear located at the far right side of the room from where you first entered. You will just have found Memory #20 just before this Snout.

Snout 12
You will find it in the area just after passing through the frozen tunnel. There will be a platform to your right along the path and after shooting a switch and using 2 vents. Then on this platform use a clockwork bomb to blow up the weak wall. You will find the Snout flying to the left outside of the hole.

Cranking Up and Pressing Down

Snout 13
You will find it to the left as soon as you enter the area with the bird cages. You will need to jump on the bird cage towards the left from where you entered and then look through the hole in the wall to see and shoot the Snout. This will also reveal a Bottle to collect on the next bird cage.

Assemblage or Destruction

Snout 14
You will find it flying to the left as soon as you enter this area. After you have shot the Snout a vent will then appear allowing you to up to a gear with Memory #25.


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