American McGee’s Alice Walkthrough Video Guide (PC, Xbox 360, PS3, Mac)

15 June 2011
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This American McGee’s Alice walkthrough (or Alice 1) will guide you through the beginning to ending moments of cutscenes and gameplay for this prequel to Alice: Madness Returns, originally released for the PC in 2000.

In this strangely familiar, yet utterly wicked adventure, Alice answers a distress summons and returns to Wonderland. Upon her return she barely recognizes the befouled setting. From the fungal rot of the Mushroom Forest to the infernal chemistry of the Mad Hatter’s Domain and beyond, Wonderland is in chaos. Undaunted by the diseased ambiance, cavernous confusion, and mortal danger that surrounds her, Alice must undo the chaos. Equipped with courage, a keen appetite for the bizarre, and a lethal array of mischievous toys, she must penetrate the stronghold of her enemies, confront the forces of evil and put the wicked Queen of Hearts in her place.

Alice features stunning third person, 3D action based on enhanced Quake III technology, devious puzzles and labyrinthine mazes and familiar characters transformed. Included levels are reminiscent of the Pool of Tears, the Caterpillar’s Garden, the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party and more. Enemies include the ferocious Card Guards, demonic Fire Imps, ravenous Jabberspawn and more. The original soundtrack is composed and arranged by Chris Vrenna, award winning artist and founding member of Nine Inch Nails.

Table of Contents

American McGee’s Alice 1 walkthrough – Part 1 – Intro and Card Guard’s Compound

Part 2 – Skool Fortress

Part 3 – Skool Daze

Part 4 – Skool’s Out

Part 5 – Pool of Tears

Part 6 – Hollow Hideaway

Part 7 – Just Desserts

Part 8 – Dry Landing

Part 9 – Herbaceous Border

Part 10 – Rolling Stones

Part 11 – Fungiferous Flora

Part 12 – Caterpillar’s Plot

Part 13 – Pale Realm

Part 14 – Castling

Part 15 – Checkmate In Red

Part 16 – Down the Rabbit Hole

Part 17 – Crazed Clockwork

Part 18 – About Face

Part 19 – Lava

Part 20 – Evil Plot

Part 21 – Airborne Terror

Part 22 – Mystifying Madness

Part 23 – Labyrinthine Revenge

Part 24 – Machinations

Part 25 – Gearlocked

Part 26 – Battle Royal

Part 27 – Ascension

Part 28 – Castle Keep

Part 29 – The End

Thanks to GiulerPowerGamer for the videos.

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