The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Jars Locations Guide. How to find all 4 Empty Bottles

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time All Empty Bottles guide screenshot
This Ocarina of Time Empty Bottles locations guide gives all 4 hidden jar locations that are scattered about Hyrule.

These Empty Bottles can be used to store all kinds of stuff throughout the game, with which you cannot store otherwise. You will be required to have at least one bottle in order to store the likes of: Fairies, Fish, Red Potion, Green Potion, Lon Lon Milk, Bugs, Poes, Big Poes, Blue Fire and much more.

There are four hidden Empty Jars (officially called “Empty Bottles”, some of which you don’t get “empty” per se) that you earn by accomplishing a variety of tasks, from collecting Cuccos to diving in Lake Hylia to collecting ghosts!

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Here is how to find all of the Empty Bottles:

Bottle #1 – Lon Lon Ranch Cuccos

You can find your first Empty Bottle early on in the game at one of the first places you’ll visit as Young Link. First you’ll need to make Talon appear in the room at Lon Lon Ranch that is on your first door to the left. To do that, you’ll need to go to the Hyrule Castle area for the first time then exit. This will make Talon’s daughter, Malon appear. Talk to her to get the Weird Egg and set to one of your Item Slots to “incubate it”. Now climb up the vines on the side. Sneak through the guards and swim through the mote where you’ll find a sleeping Talon at the end. One day should have passed in this time and the Weird Egg should’ve hatched into a Chicken! Use the Chicken to wake up Talon and he’ll run back home to Lon Lon Ranch to join his daughter.

Doing this will cause Talon to appear at Lon Lon Ranch. Now go to Lon Lon Ranch, enter the first door on the left, and talk to Talon who will be asleep (again) in a sitting position. He will challenge you to a game of “Super Cuccos”, where you must find three “Super Cuccos” amongst the flock of normal Cuccos. If you keep careful eye you can tell the general location where the Super Cuccos landed. Find all three and you’ll earn your first Jar! This time the Empty Bottle won’t be Empty, but instead full of Lon Lon Milk, which fills up 5 hearts with each drink (two drinks per bottle).

Before you talk to Talon to do the Super Cucco mini-game, pick up all of the Cuccos (as many as you can) and throw them behind the counter! Then when the game starts, it’ll make it much easier to find the Super Cuccos!

Because this Empty Bottle is part of the story sequence of the game, you shouldn’t need help in obtaining it. But here is a videos showing you how anyway, it’s much easier to understand in video form.

This video shows you exactly how to awake the sleeping Talon.

This video shows you how to beat the Super Cucco mini-game to earn Empty Bottle #1.

Bottle #2 – Cucco Lady at Kakariko Village

The second Empty Bottle is also very easy to obtain. At Kakariko Village (found up the stairs in Hyrule Field, directly to the left of the entrance to the Castle Market via the Castle Drawbridge) you will find a woman effectually known as the “Cucco Lady”, her name is Anju. She is standing beside an empty chicken/Cucco pen. Talk to her and she will task you with finding all of her 7 lost Cuccos that are spread about Kakariko Villlage. You must find them, pick them up and toss them into the pen. Talk to Anju to find out how many more you have to find to get all of them.

Here are their locations of each hidden Cucco for this Cucco Roundup mini-game.

This video shows you exactly how to find all 7 of the Secret Cuccos.

Cucco #1
Location: Beside Anju
Directly beside Anju, you’ll find this Cucco between her and the Graveyard entrance hallway.

Cucco #2
Location: At the entrance to Kakariko Village.

Cucco #3
Location: In A Box
In a box directly across from the stairs that lead to upper Kakariko Village.

Cucco #4
Location: Near the Kakariko Village exit gate (leading to Death Mountain Path) before you reach the guard.

Cucco #5
Location: Outside Skulltula House
On a ledge next to the entrance of House of Skulltula. However you can’t easily reach this Cucco due to him being inaccessible due to a fence blocking your path and being unable to leap far enough to grab the ledge. So how do you get up? CUCCO POWER! Simply grab one of the other Cuccos mentioned above, pick them up so you are holding them over your head, and leap towards the ledge. You’ll float onto it. Now simply toss both Cuccos off the ledge.

Cucco #6
Location: Beside the hole in the Secret Area
This Cucco is hidden in the inaccessible area behind the Windmill and to the straight ahead of the pathway to the windmill, which you can see behind the gate near the well. How the heck do you get over there you say? CUCCO POWER! Like with the above, you can pick up a Cucco and run up the stairs that lead to the Windmill. See the fence beyond the ledge? Run at top speed and diagonally so that you land on the upper fence to the left (not the one that stretches from the ground below). This may take a few tries. Once you are in this “secret area” of Kakariko, avoid going into any of the shops (which you can’t enter anyway) or falling in the hole, and grab the Cucco at the bottom. Run him up the stairs and throw him over the fence into “Kakariko” proper. WAIT, DON’T JUMP AFTER THE CUCCO! Stay in the “Secret Area” because the last Cucco is also hidden here.

Cucco #7
Location: Behind the Windmill
This final Cucco is found behind the Windmill. You can get up there by using the method for Cucco #6 detailed above to reach the Secret Area, and climbing the ladder. If you run over to the side you will find the last Cucco. Pick it up and float back down to Anju. You are now home free and will be rewarded with an Empty Bottle!

Bottle #3 – Princess Ruto’s Letter in Lake Hylia

The third Empty Bottle is part of the main quest and is required in order to proceed in the game once you reach Zora’s Domain. Get to Zora’s Domain by following the route from the Zora’s River, found directly to the side of the Kakariko Entrance (follow the wall from the steps all the way down the river). In front of the waterfall that is the source of Zora’s Domain and the source of the rivers of Hyrule (that flow from Jabu Jabu located behind King Zora), enter Zora’s Domain by standing atop the Triforce symbol and playing Zelda’s Lullaby. Once you enter Zora’s Domain, head up to the King’s Quarters up the stairs. Instead of talking to King Zora, head to the left and talk to the Zora there to take on the Diving Game. Dive and collect all the Rupees to beat the mini-game and you’ll be rewarded with the Silver Scale. This will allow you to dive deeper than ever before. Using the newly obtained Silver Scale, head back down to the “floor” water of Zora’s Domain and swim through the hole which is a portal to Lake Hylia. You’ll notice something in the water highlighted in green by Navi. Swim down to grab it. Ta-Da! It’s another Empty Bottle, this time containing a letter written by Princess Ruto, revealing she is stuck in Jabu Jabu’s Belly. Show it to the King to enter the Jabu Jabu’s Belly dungeon.

You can see how to get the Ruto Letter Empty Bottle in this video.

Bottle #4 – Big Poe Ghost Hunt

Location: The Poe Room in the ruins of the entrance to the Market as Adult Link.
The fourth Empty Bottle is obtained as Adult Link by finding all 10 Hidden Big Poes spread throughout the massive Hyrule Field. Before you can start the quest, you’ll need to have obtained the Fairy Bow from the Forest Temple as well as the horse Epona, as the Big Poes can only be killed by shooting them with Arrows from Horseback. After which you can only capture them if you have an Empty Bottle (it’s best to do this quest when you have three Empty Bottles used specifically to catching the Big Poes).

Bringing a Big Poe to the Poe Shop and talking to the owner and giving him the Big Poe will give you 1000 points on your “card”. Reach 10,000 points (i.e. 10 Big Poes) and you’ll be rewarded with a new Empty Bottle!

While it is easy to find some of the Big Poes, it is very difficult to actually find all of them, even if you’ve collected them in a past playthrough!

This video shows where to find all 10 of them.

Thanks to mab24680123456 and TheZeldaDungeon for the videos.