Duke Nukem Forever Walkthrough Video Guide (PC, Xbox 360, PS3)

10 June 2011
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Chapter 21: The Clarifier

Heading through the door and bashing through the alien matter, there will be a ton of aliens in this level as we are coming to the end of the game!

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  • It will be a great idea to pick up everything you might or think you might need.

    Following the corridor and make your way down the stairs, shooting aliens as you go.

    Heading through the single door then kicking your way through the double doors.

    You will need to break your way through the wooden boxes that are blocking the doorway.

    When you get through the door, there will be a couple of aliens there waiting for you.

    Once you have taken out all the aliens located on the lower level , head up the ladder to the upper metal platform. There will be come aliens located here. You will need to watch out as there is an alien located in the platform in the middle of the room.

    Jump down off the platform and head over to the area where you can see the barrels.

    A lifting truck will burst through the garage door. You will then need to head up onto the truck and fill the hanging item with the barrels. Whilst you are collecting the barrels some more aliens will come into the room.

    Once you have placed enough barrels onto the crane, it will lower the cranes neck low enough for you to climb the two ladders and walk across the cranes neck.

    Jump over onto the platform and down the tunnel stairs.

    Duke Nukem Forever Walkthrough: Chapter 21: The Clarifier – Part 2

    Heading down the stairs into the tunnel you will need to throw a grenade over the fence and take out the gate which will allow you to pass through it.

    You will then need to make your way forward, once you have made it out of the tunnel, you will then need to watch out for the brain aliens! They will be all over the room.

    Use the jumping pad to get up onto the upper level, watch out for the brain aliens, they will be throwing things at you that will damage your EGO.

    You will then need to climb the scaffolding that has the ladder attached. Make your way up the ladder and across the alien arms. You will see a tunnel with a flashing light, head for the tunnel.

    When you make your way in the tunnel, you will need to take the first left and then left again, break through the vent and you will arrive in another room.

    Dropping down off the solid ground, you will be able to see a metal platform you will be able to walk on, once you have come to the end of the platform, you will be able to see some shadows in the water. Jump on these to get to the other side. you will then need to break your way though the plants and head throuh the door and up thr stairs. Make your way through another door.

    Once you get to the middle platform and press the button the aliens will arrive, as soon as you hit the button you will need to make your way back up the ladder.

    As Rob has said, it is a good idea to stay on the upper level. If you head down near to were the ammo is it will be alot tougher.

    Once you have killed all the aliens, you will need to head down and move the rotating platform untill you line it up with the red light. Jumping over the electric bolts and pull the golden switch.

    Once you have done that, jump into the water and turn the lever.

    Head down through the open door to complete the level.

    Chapter 22: Blowin’ The Dam

    Keep swimming through the tunnel stopping at the bubbles for some more air. Head over to the lever and turn it.

    Swimming into the main area you will see a hole you will need to swim through it. Once you have swam through the hole you will need to watch out for the swimming aliens. You will be able to shoot them underwater.

    Head for the golden flashing icon and plant the bomb.

    Once you have planted your bomb, you will need to go and turn the golden lever. As soon as you turn the lever you will be bombarded by the aliens. You will then need to keep swimming and look for the second glowing lever to turn. This is where you will get a few more aliens that will come after you.

    After you have turned your fourth lever, plant your bomb. It is now time to take on the big sea snake!

    You will need to shoot the sea snake in its mouth, keep close to the O2 and the ammo crates that will be glowing gold for you.

    You will also have to deal with the brain aliens swimming around.

    Once you have killed off the snake, head through the open tunnel, make sure you watch your O2 bar at the bottom.

    Head out of the underwater tunnel and head up the stairs, watching out for the falling debris coming down the stairs.

    Kill the aliens when you get to the top and head through the double doors up the stairs and take on the alien in the room.

    Thre will be a lot of aliens running around, but that is expected since we have almost finished the game!

    You will need to keep running and keep taking out the aliens!

    Make yout way up the ladder and along the platform, you will need to bend down to get into the lower tunnel.

    You will need to move quickly as there is the water coming behind you! It will wash you out of the tunnel.

    Chapter 23: Final Battle

    This is the Cycloid Emperor final boss battle.

    You will need to pick yourself up an RPG and then start to take on the Boss !

    You will need to take him down with everything you have got!

    The best way to take him down is to go around in the circles and keep shooting him.

    Keep shooting him with everything you have.

    Once you have brought him to his knees the first time you will need to jump onto the aliens back and press your correct button to rip out the pipe.

    Once you have done that he will stand back up again and you will need to start shooting at him until he falls again.

    You will be able to stock up on some ammo now as the crate as arrived.

    Bring him down for the second time and rip out the other pipe.

    You will then be able to have a wee in his eye socket..

    Now wasn’t that easy!

    I hope you have enjoyed played The Duke!

    Gameplay Tip: You can stomp Rats and Octababies by looking at them and running over them. You can also pick up Rats and Turds, repeat the latter for some funny comments from The Duke.
    Gameplay Tip 2: Place Trip Mines in the world to lay traps for your enemies.

    Do you need help anywhere? Please don’t hesitate to ask in the comments section below. We’re here to help out!


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