Duke Nukem Forever Walkthrough Video Guide (PC, Xbox 360, PS3)

10 June 2011
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Chapter 6: Vegas In Ruin

Once you have finished talking with the soldier, head over to the crate and load up with some ammo. Once you have all your supplies, you will need to head out and follow the red path, you will see the soldiers in batttle. Join them.

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  • Once you have shot some of the aliens, you will need to take out the ship that drops some more aliens off. Watch out because as you are shooting the ship the aliens will start to run towards you.

    Once you haev cleared the area, you will need to proceed to the next location. Remeber to use the cars, cement pilars for protection. You will then talk with the soliders who will clear the path for you. Head through bthe new path and head over the gap. Watch out for the aliens and their ships.

    You will then come into contact with a very very large alien.. You will need to constantly shoot it.. Throwing stick grenades at it. It will also be a good idea to use the turret gun as the turret and the stick grenades make the large boss enemies very vunerable. Bring down the alien, you will then need to jump on his back and press the correct button to defeat him for good!

    Once you have cleared the area it will be time to head on over to Chapter 7, The Duke Dome.

    Chapter 7: The Duke Dome

    When yous tart the game, you will arrive in the sewers. You will need to make your way out of the sewers and down the dirt path. When you get to the end of the path, on the left hand side you will see some flames. Shoot the dead body hanging from the rope, this will cause the flames to be put out. Head through the tunnel and up the ladder.

    when you arrive at the construction area, those guy will call someone to bring down the crane that will lift you over the wall. You will be able to pick up a couple of weapons. you will need them as there are some aliens coming for you.

    You will need to have a look at all areas when you are being lifted up as there will be aliens in the car park and flying towards you.

    When you land on ground, you will need to shoo the lock to get through the gate. When you get into the open area, you will need to take on some more aliens. Make sure you take some over if you health is down.

    On opposite side to where you cam into the open ground, you will see a red barrel.Shoot it and make your way to the next area.

    You will then need to place a bomb on the gate to open the gate. Head to the back of the trailer and climb the ladder. You will the need to shoot the ceiling to fall into the trailer. You will be able to sit on the copier to boost your EGO. Head over and collect some new weapons and flip the gold switch.

    Once you have flicked the switch, you will be bombarded by aliens!

    Take down the mothership as well!

    Duke Nukem Forever Walkthrough: Chapter 7: The Duke Dome – Part 2

    When you have gone through the gate, follow the path through the container and break through.

    Turning to the right, you will see an opening with a couple of flames scattered around the area, head towards the crates and find the ladder. Shoot the red barrels. You will then need to pick up some barrels lying around on the floor and place it in the large container to tilt it. Head back up the ladder and jump across on your new platform. This will lead you into a new area.

    Following the dirt path were you will need to take on a couple of aliens. Watch out for the dropping grenades.

    Make yourt way up the flashing gold ladder onto the crane, you will need to follow the allows located on the crane to find a battery for the crane. You will need to shoot some red barrels to create some new platforms for you to cross.

    The battery is located in a container at the top. You will need to move quickly cause as soon as you have the battery you will be targeted by the mother ship.

    Shoot the mother ship!! You will need to take cover as much as you can cause you don’t want to start again to get the battery!

    Once you have the battery quickly bring it back to the crane and use the crane to bring down the building by swinging it and slamming it against the building on the left.

    Once you have done that, head back up the neck ofthe crane and into the building you have just destroy and created an opening.

    You will fall and enter the Hive!

    Chapter 8: The Hive

    When you land you will arrive at the Hive!

    Staying on the rocks, you will need to follow them around untill you see a purple egg looking object. Pass the purple egg and keep following the rocks untill you come to the dirt path. You will need to use the dirt path.

    As you move forward on the path, you will come to a path block, turning to the left you will need to punch that matter out of your way and head into the dark tunnel with the purple light.

    Head down the tunnel on the left and move the purple spotted ball out of your way. you will need to head through the doors punching the matter out of the way..

    When you see a cluster or purple balls, you will need to shoot them. This will allow you to pass through.

    Whilst you are down there, you will need to watch out for the flying aliens!

    You will pass the twins that have been captured. you will ned to shoot them. Watch out for the little aliens that are running around on the floor, they are hard to see. To see them better change to your Duke night vision.

    Follwoing the purple path, you will come into contact with alot more flying aliens. Push the ball into the purple circle, this will allow you to get through the door and enter The Hive Part 2.

    The Hive Part 2

    You have now arrived at The Hive Part 2!

    Make your way through the door, you will need to move the bodies out of the way. Make your way through the other door. When you arrive in the next zone, you will need to take out a couple of aliens.

    Once you have taken down the aliens, headt through the door. It is a good idea to use your night vision now. Make your way forward and through the next door. You will need to use the rock platforms and the alien arm to get across to the other side. Once across the other side, head down the path. turning around you will see a hole in the wall that has teeth. Head through it. You will then need to turn to the left and make your way down the path.

    You will need to watch out for the flying aliens. Follwoing the path untill you need to drop yourself down. There is a large alien here so be quick and head through the door on the bottom left were you will be greeted by more aliens! Well, I guess it is an alien Hive after all.

    Making your way down the path head through the door. you will need to use the green jumping pad to get onto the upper level and head through the door. Watch out for the alien on the other side and go through another door.. Keep going through the doors and following the path. You will need to free the girls too. You will then come across some strange alien spiders..

    Crossing the water and taking out the purple zits. You will see some stairs and a door on the left. Head up them.

    Chapter 9: Queen Bitch

    Welcome to The Queen Bitch everyone.

    Before you make your way to meet her, make sure you have stocked up on your stick grenades.

    You will need to throw a grenade in the hole above you to the left and activate it to open the door in front of you.

    Head through the door and up the stairs. She is waiting for you.

    You will need to shoot at her whilst her chest is exposed. You will need to do this five times before you have defeated her.

    Once you have defeated her, you will then be at Chapter 10 Duke Nukem’s Titty City.

    Chapter 10: Duke Nukem’s Titty City


    You will first need to have a listen to the stripper..

    It is now your job to look for some popcorn, a vibrator and a condom.. Here we go.

    Heading through the silver curtain, you will need to head towards the bathrooms. You will be able to find a condom in the mens bathroom.

    If you would like to increase your EGO, head over to the urinal and do your thing.

    Headind out of the bathroom, go up the hallway to the left and through the silver curtain passed the bar and into the pool area. You will then be able to play air hockey with a fan.

    Headig through the next curtain towards the bathrooms. Make your way through the employees exit only. You will be able to put some popcorn in the microwave.

    Finally you will need to find the last item, the vibrator.

    You will be able to find this item through the door in the room were you found the poprcorn. Heading back into the show room and past the stage is another door, head through the door and down the stairs, you will come into a room with lockers and another stripper. Look in the lockers for your final item.

    Take them back to the stripper.

    Have a seat on the red chair.


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