Silent Hill: Downpour gameplay trailer from E3 2011

Freaky perspective on the protagonist in this gameplay screenshot of Silent Hill 8
Silent Hill: Downpour is the next title (8th installment) in Konami’s long-running survival horror series, and the game returns fans to the hell-spun city, but this time as an all-new protagonist: Murphy Pendleton.

This time the main character has been convicted of murder. But when an accident occurs he is somehow swept up into the dark, evil town of Silent Hill. And this new trailer shows off many of the upcoming game’s locations, environments, events and story sequences all given in spectacularly hellish fashion.

One key element of the game will include breakable environmental weapons, which will splinter apart in different ways when used; a system that is much improved over the one seen in Silent Hill: Homecoming. And, obviously, rain and water are ever-present in the aptly named Downpour.

Here is the E3 2011 gameplay trailer for the newest Silent Hill game set for release later this year on Xbox 360 and PS3.

What do you think of Silent Hill: Downpour so far?