The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D Wallpaper

Ocarina of Time 3DS wallpaper is absolutely beautiful!
Welcome to our Ocarina of Time 3D wallpapers page!

Here we will post images that you can use as desktop wallpapers, both official and otherwise. We will add to this list as we find cool new wallpapers for the game. Note that we do not own nor did we create these wallpapers. Thanks to the prospective creators (whose names are kept in the filename of the image) for their creations.

To download to your PC computer: Right click on the Image. Select “Set as Background Image.”

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Below you can find the rest of the Ocarina of Time wallpapers.
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The Face of Evil - Ganondorf

Primary Cast of Characters in Ocarina of Time - Heroes and Villains

The Zelda Universe awesome artwork

A Collage of beautiful Ocarina of Time 3D screenshots!

Ride off into the sunset!

Kill that volcano demon!

The lava demon Volvagia made beautiful in watercolor!

Link and flowers go good together!

Absolutely gorgeous! Elf and horse love

Totally iconic

Link and Epona Silhouetted Moonside

The Master Sword in the Temple of Time. Pulled from the Pedestal of Time!

The fight of all fights is here!

The Majestic Great Deku Tree

Spin Attack those bastards!

Puppy love in the Zelda universe!

Chibi love in the Zelda Universe!

Symbols of the Dungeon Medallions from Fire Temple, Water Temple, Shadow Temple, Spirit Temple and Forest Temple

Arrows... An Elf's Best Friend. Whether Fire Arrow, Ice Arrow or Light Arrow, can't go wrong!

A drawing of the Ocarina of Time Cast of Characters

Black on Gold

Is the mysterious ninja Shiek friend or foe?

Gold on Black

Link and Epona in pencil