Dead or Alive Dimensions costumes download schedule

Alternative outfits for the cute girls in Dead or Alive Dimensions as downloadable content via SpotPass (3DS)
28 DLC costumes will be available for free daily until all of them are released, making Dead or Alive Dimensions the first 3DS game to offer downloadable content.

DLC appears as additional costumes and alternate outfits for the various female characters to give them a cuter or sexier look. As well as additional modes and possibly other stuff. And, yes, alternate male costumes (I assume anyway).

Additionally, those who picked the game up and connected online via SpotPass on launch day were given an exclusive costume (no word if that special costume will be made available for everyone at a later date).

New outfits will be available at 10:00am on each day. With the final costume coming for American gamers on April 24th, 2011 or April 20th for European gamers (April 26th in Australia).

If you missed one of the daily downloadable outfits, you’ll be able to download them again later on, most likely during the months of June and July 2011.

To quote Tecmo, “Dead or Alive Dimensions can download exciting new content via SpotPass, such as new Throwdown Challenges from Team Ninja and additional costumes. New costumes are scheduled to be made available each day, so keep on the lookout for even more outfits to change the appearance of your favourite characters!”

After you’ve downloaded a new Outfit, be sure to go to the Mode Select Screen to confirm that it downloaded properly. Also keep in mind that an SD Memory Card is required in order to save downloaded data!

An alternative way to unlock costumes is to exchange 3DS Play Coins (which you unlock by walking with your 3DS using its Pedometer found in the Activity Log of the Channels screen). You can exchange 10 Play Coins at a time for a present. Ask for a present by selecting the Blue Exclamation Point (!) circle icon in the upper-right of the Dead or Alive Dimensions Main Menu. This Blue Exclamation will only appear when you have at least 10 Play Coins to trade in. Do so and you may unlock a new outfit!

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