LA Noire: The Badge Pursuit Challenge Locations Guide (Xbox 360, PS3)

Badge Pursuit Challenge 35mm negative screenshot
This LA Noire The Badge Pursuit Challenge locations guide will help you find all 20 Police Badges AKA Shields. These collectible items are hidden throughout L.A. Noire’s beautiful and incredibly accurate recreation of Los Angeles circa 1947.

This challenge however is only available via pre-order of the game from GameStop or EB Games in the United States, Canada and Australia or in the United Kingdom from Game. Hopefully it will be made available to others as paid downloadable content later on.

Index of LA Noire Guides:

Collecting all 20 of the hidden badges will earn you the Button Man Suit which gives you extra ammo for all of your weapons. Additionally, each Cop Badge that you collect will also give you a boost of 5 XP for each one that you collect (for a total boost of 100XP if you manage to find each and every one), this will allow you to unlock further intuition points much easier and quicker than normal.

Intuition Points are used as credits that give Phelps special investigation insight to make cracking the case easier.

Also included in the game box if you pre-ordered the game from GameStop to get the Badge Pursuit Challenge should be a set of seven 35mm film negatives which, if you study them closely, will reveal the location of the 20 secret Police Badges hidden throughout L.A. But you won’t need to do that because 007 made a video guide! Check it out here:

Central Badge Locations:
Angel’s Flight – 0:03
Pershing Square – 0:48
LA Public Library – 1:30
Intolerance Set – 2:42
Union Station – 3:35
RKO Theatre – 4:11
Hall of Records – 4:50
Chinatown – 5:27
Whittier Bridge – 6:30
Los Angeles Examiner – 7:50
Main St Termial – 8:40

Wilshire Badge Locations:
LA County Art Museum – 9:43
Bullocks Wilshire – 10:47
Westlake Tar Pits – 11:37
MacArthur Park – 12:25

Hollywood Badge Locations:
Crossroads of the World – 13:26
Hotel Roosevelt – 14:07
Grauman’s Theater – 14:49
Max Factor Building – 15:33