LA Noire Street Crime Cases Locations Guide (Xbox 360, PS3)

Earn the A Cop On Every Corner Achievement by completing a single Street Crime in L.A. Noire
40 Street Crimes are in LA Noire and this guide will help you find all locations for each of them. L.A. Noire allows you to engage in a street crime as you are driving back from a case or to one, and involve random skirmishes with criminals, gun battles, police chases, bank robberies and more.

The greater your rank the less you will engage in Street Crimes and some Street Crimes will lead into events. If you miss a Street Crime you can go back and replay through the game on your second playthrough to find any that you may have missed.

If you complete all of the Street Crimes you will earn the following three Achievements/Trophies on Xbox 360 or PS3 (respectively).

1. The Long Arm of the Law (30G Achievement/Silver Trophy) – Complete all street crime cases.
2. Johnny On the Spot (30G Achievement/Silver Trophy) – Respond to 20 street crime cases.
3. A Cop On Every Corner (15G Achievement/Bronze Trophy) – Complete a single street crime case.

Table of Contents

Index of LA Noire Guides:


Boxing Clever

Cosmic Rays

Masked Gunman

Shoo Shoo Bandits


Amateur Hour

Death From Above

Theater Robbery

Pawnshop Holdup

Hotel Bandits

Army Surplus

Hung Out to Dry


Vengeful Ex

Death Plunge

Canned Fish

Would-be Robber

Running Battle

Bank Job

Unsuccessful Holdup

Cop Killer Shot

Honey Boy


Thicker Than Water

Killer Bandits

Bowling Lane Robbery



Fatal Plunge

Against the Odds

Daylight Robbery

The Blue Line

Zoot Suit Riot

The Badger Game

Camera Obscura

Secret Keepers

Bad Date


Accident Prone

Paper Sack Holdup

Cafe Holdup

Bus Stop Shooting

Hot Property

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