LA Noire Newspapers Locations Guide (Xbox 360, PS3)

LA Times Newspapers are vital to the world of LA Noire
Throughout LA Noire Newspapers will play a vital role as Cole Phelps primary source of information circa 1940, and these papers can be found or purchased, giving you access to available ambient events, side missions, and more; Including gameplay events that will be reported on in the newspapers reflecting the choices the player makes during the course of the adventure.

Additionally certain newspapers will trigger cinematic events that shed more light on the backstory of L.A. Noire.

Below we’ll list these newspapers chronologically, as you’d most likely encounter them playing through the game.

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Newspaper Location #1

Headline: SHRINK SAYS: The mind is the final frontier

You will find this newspaper in the first Patrol Case “Upon Reflection.”

It is in the alley of the first crime scene on top of a crate on the right wall before the stairs.

Newspaper Location #2

Headline: ALIENIST FONTAINE: Provides help to troubled vets

You will find this newspaper in the first Traffic Case “The Driver’s Seat.”

It is on the Black’s Residence dining room table.

Newspaper Location #3

Headline: SHRINK TO THE STARS: Promises Mental Breakthrough

You will find this newspaper in the second Traffic Case “A Marriage Made In Heaven.”

It is in Ray’s Cafe on top of the bar in front of Dudley Lynch.

Newspaper Location #4

Headline: DOPE FLOODS STREETS: Cops Chase War Surplus Contraband

You will find this newspaper in the third Traffic Case “The Fallen Idol.”

It is on the workbench in the storage alley of Silver Screen Props. You will be able to grab it after talking to Marlon Hopgood and when you search the area.

Newspaper Location #5

Headline: FAMILY BURNT TO DEATH: Cops Save House Fire Deaths Are Suspicious.

You will find this newspaper in the first Homicide Case “The Red Lipstick Murder.”

It is on the floor just inside the front door of the Henry Residence.

Newspaper Location #6

Headline: MISSING MORPHINE: Cops say: Goons Fighting Dope War.

You will find this newspaper in the fourth Homicide Case “The White Shoe Slaying.”

It is on a crate inside of Stuart Ackerman’s shack at the Hobo Camp.

Newspaper Location #7

Headline: MICKEY COHEN: Heir Apparent to Dugsy Siegel.

You will find this newspaper in the first Vice Case “The Black Caesar.”

It is on the desk directly across from where the ledger is inside of the Ramez Removals warehouse.