LA Noire Characters List

After just being promoted to Detective, Cole Phelps meets his new partner Stefan Bekowsky on the Traffic Desk.
Over 300 LA Noire characters will grace the scene for your viewing pleasure in Rockstar’s L.A. Noire, a unique action adventure title that combines detective and police stables with breakthrough image technology and a script worthy of the big screen.

Here is a partial list of some of the important folks you will run across in L.A. Noire.

Main Character – LAPD

* Cole Phelps (Main Protagonist)
Cole Phelps is the main character in the game and a Patrol Officer/Detective. He has a wide range of life experience as well as mystery with parts of his past, or at least the specifics, unknown. To be blunt, Cole did things that he is “not proud of” when he fought in the Battle of Okinawa during the Pacific War against the Japanese during World War II as a United States Marine. He joined up at the age of 18 and won a Silver Star for Valor in the face of the enemy (the third highest U.S. military honor). He was subsequently given an honorary discharge from the Marine Corps following the end of the war. Once he returned stateside he joined up with the LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department). Because of his smarts, toughness, skills and determination, he quickly rose through the ranks of the police department to become a Detective. During his time he came to discover that the city he loved, L.A., was full of crime and corruption. Believing that Justice must be given by someone, he took up that mantel to defend his city and return it to peace and prosperity. He is a very talented investigator, and that is what lead him to his promotion as Detective. There he worked on some of the most notorious cases under the Homicide, Vice, Traffic and Arson areas. His detective work would eventually lead him to discover how close many of his colleagues and superiors are to the criminal underworld they’ve sworn to fight. Other factoids include the fact that he is married, and that he can’t swim. There is a possible romantic relationship brewing with Elsa Lichtmann.

* Ralph Dunn
Ralph is Cole’s Patrol partner at the LAPD. He joined the force about the same time Cole although Ralph is new to law enforcement and does not have as much life experience. A young man at 25, he is a true partner to Cole although has issues being quick to obey orders. He often voices his concerns regarding how Cole handles cases. Regardless, he always has Cole’s back and will support him in all areas.

* Stefan Bekowsky
Stefan is Cole’s partner when working Traffic. He joined the LAPD on May 1, 1939, becoming an Investigator after five years on the force. He was promoted by Captain James Donnelly and immediately started working Traffic once reaching Detective. He became good friends with Cole quickly and they two have teamed up on many big cases. Stefan has a sharp mind, is reliable and is dedicated to his work, receiving high marks from all his coworkers and he is well liked. This despite Stefan’s reputation as being a bit of a joker.

* Gordon Leary – Captain of the LAPD Traffic Department. Played by Ned Vaughn. Very friendly with his fellow cops.
Herschel Biggs – An older man who serves as Cole’s partner in the Arson Department. People joke that Herschel is an “institution” all to himself. He serves as the main narrator for the game and is a central character. Each intro for the Patrol Cases are narrated by Herschel.

* Lachlan McKelty – Phelps Captain in the Arson Dept.

* Rusty Galloway
Finbar is Cole’s partner in Homicide at the LAPD and will help you to solve the most notorious murders happening in the city. Rusy has a wide level of experience as a Detective, and more than Cole. Rusty has a few issues with Cole due to the fact that Cole is new to the department and Rusty is the arrogant, elite one. He resents Cole as well for Cole’s swift promotion to Homicide.

* James Donnolly (Played by Andrew Connolly)
The Captain of the Homocide Department is LAPD’s James Donnolly, who believes “Homicide men are the right hand of God.” It is James who handles the Cases assigned to Phelps when Phelps begins work in the murders section of the game. He takes no nonsense from anybody and he is the grizzled, hard-nosed yet pragmatic Officer-In-Charge who is both feared, and respected, at the LAPD’s Homocide division. He is the harsh interrogation-type, who cares more about getting hard results where the ends justify the means. Additionally, James’ word can and will make or break the career of those Detectives working under him. So everyone is afraid of getting on his bad side and he essentially rules with an iron fist.

* Roy Earle
Detective Roy is Phelps’ partner when he works the Vice Department at the LAPD, seemingly takes issue with Blue Room Jazz Club singer Elsa Lichtman and the romantic developments between her and Phelps.

* Archie Colmyer – A Lieutenant in the Los Angeles Police Department working in the Vice Department.

* William Ward

* Detective Tilden

* Detective Case

* Floyd Rose (Played by Jack Impellizzeri) – Detective Rose is being replaced by Cole as he retires from Homocide. However there is more than meets the eye, as shady circumstances serve as one of the reasons Floyd is being replaced. A possible dirty cop whose partner used to be Rusty Galloway.

* Detective Hobbes – A main antagonist in L.A. Noire, Detective Hobbes resents Cole’s quick rise through the Dept.

* Detective Rossi

* Roger Becket – A well-known Crime Scene Photographer.

* Clyde Hart


  • Reginald Varley
  • Mark Bishop (On right in photo)
  • Frank Morgan
  • Matthew Ryan
  • Garret Mason
  • Jacob Henry
  • William Shelton
  • Angel Maldonado
  • Margaret Black

  • Jessica Hamilton
  • June Ballard
  • Tan Do
  • Adrian Black
  • Julia Randall
  • Celine Henry
  • Antonia Maldonado
  • Evelyn
  • Lenny Finkelstein
  • Cornell Eustace Tyree
  • Tyrone Anthony Lamont

  • Oswald Jacobs
  • Dudley Lynch

  • Nate Wilkey
  • Virginia Reynoldson
  • Jennifer Horgan

  • Margaret Black
  • Shannon Perry
  • Ms. Galletta
  • Fickman
  • John Ferdinand Jamison

  • Albert Lynch
  • Guy McAfee
  • McCall
  • Candy Edwards
  • Rasic
  • Elsa Lichtman
  • Leonard Petersen
  • Richard Coombs
  • Gloria Bishop
  • Ray Pinker
  • Malcolm Carruthers
  • Ira Hogeboom
  • Curtis Benson
  • Harlan Fontaine
  • Courtney Sheldon
  • Johnny Stompanato
  • Stuart Ackerman
  • Carlo Arquero
  • Richard Bates
  • Gabriel Del Gado
  • Albert Hammond
  • Cliff Harrison
  • Jack Kelso
  • Celia Stanley
  • Juan Francisco Valdez
  • William Dewey
  • Anna Rodriguez
  • Marlon Harwood
  • Leroy Sabo
  • Michelle Pattison
  • Mrs. Pattison
  • Fetcher Bowron
  • Leland Monroe
  • Henry Arnett
  • Fleetwood Morgan
  • Mrs. Phelps
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