The Witcher 2 universe explained in new intro video

The Witcher 2 gameplay screenshot
The Witcher 2: Assassin’s of Kings release date is nearly upon us (May 17, 2011), and one way to get hyped for a game is to dive into its world.

The video below explains the complex relationship that exists between the various countries, realms and factions in the title and will do much to get fans of the books (which the videogame is based off of) excited for the upcoming sequel.

And any fan of extensive fantasy works like The Lord of the Rings will be impressed by exactly how much detail has gone into the world and into the characters that inhabit it, the titular “Kings” of the title. For they are many, and it is easy to see that the world is rich and rife with political intrigue. While the video seems to be entirely CG, it is a very worthy introduction to the World of The Witcher 2.

This developer diary gives you an even greater look at the story for the upcoming game.

This video meanwhile shows a lot of gameplay footage.

Are you looking forward to The Witcher 2?