Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Walkthrough Video Guide (Wii, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

11 May 2011
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Lego Pirates of the Caribbean walkthrough box art
Our Lego Pirates of the Caribbean walkthrough will guide you through the beginning to ending moments of gameplay for this newest action-adventure game in the Lego series from Disney and Traveller’s Tales, based on all four movies. This guide covers the Wii, PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game. It also appears on PSP, 3DS and DS.

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game re-creates the action, adventure and memorable moments of the Pirates of the Caribbean mythology in LEGO form, incorporating the humor of LEGO minifigures and fantastic worlds built from LEGO bricks and elements for players to explore.

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  • Players can take on the roles of more than 70 characters and experience the pirate adventure, irreverent humor and amazing creatures of the Pirates of the Caribbean films, through action-adventure gameplay and hilariously quirky LEGO cut scenes. Throughout the game, players will also have the freedom to explore environments from the highly acclaimed movie series in more than 20 levels. The game features two-player cooperative mode, in which players each control a character to experience the story together, and freeplay mode, which lets players return to levels to discover new items.

    Table of Contents

    Index of Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Guides:

    Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Walkthrough

    Lego Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game is an action adventure game that brings the Pirates of the Caribbean world and all its colorful characters to life in LEGO Brick form. You will experience all the memorable scenes from the first three films, as well as those in the upcoming fourth film, “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides,” in the humorous and quirky LEGO Video Games style.

    The game’s main features are:

    * Exploration: Players will explore familiar locations filled with interactive LEGO Objects and encounter more than 70 memorable and new characters while making their way through more than 20 levels

    * Combat: The LEGO Caribbean is full of danger! Intense sword fighting moves give the LEGO Minifigure a brand new pirate flavor

    * Unforgettable Cut Scenes: Some of your favorite scenes from the Pirates of the Caribbean films are re-rendered with LEGO Minifigures, in the humorous style synonymous with LEGO Video Games

    * Puzzles: Players will need all their pirate cunning to find the hidden LEGO Treasures and discover the game’s many secrets

    * Two-Player Co-op: Players can join a friend or family member in the same room for two-player “drop-in/drop-out” cooperative action

    * Freeplay: Building a collection of characters throughout the game, players can then use their distinctive abilities to gain access to previously unavailable areas

    Film 1: The Curse of the Black Pearl

    X marks the spot. Dig me!

    Chapter 1: Port Royale

    Welcome to Lego Pirates Of The Caribbean! 😀

    The first thing you will need to do is have a walk around your first room and collect some studs!

    Once you have had a look around the room, head on over to the building section, you will need to press B if you are using XBOX. Once you have built your first cog, you will need to change over to the sword maker. He will be the only character in this room who will be able to touch the hot lego items. The Sword Maker will need to use his hammer to build the hot lego items.

    The Swords Maker will then need to head over to the lever and turn it! Now switching characters, you will need to head on over and jump on the Donkey. Riding the Donkey under the Cog. He should place it month on the mouth piece and pull the Cog! This will cause a cutscene.

    After the cutscene, you will be introduced to Jack Sparrow. This is your first mini boss battle! You will need to follow Jack. To get up to the upper level, you will need to build the wall. Once you have made it to duel with Jack, make sure you clear all of his hearts to defeat him. Once you have defeated him a cutscene will occur.

    You have now arrived in the jail cells. In the fourth cell you will find a bone for the dog. This will allow you to change into the dog allow you to get into the small tunnels.

    Holding down your Y button, will bring up your character wheel. This will allow you to pick the character needed. Still being the dog, you will need to head to the fourth cell and dig up a handle. Picking up the item the dog dropped, you will need to place it on the green panel. This will free Jack Sparrow.

    Have a wander around picking up the studs. You will be able to get some target practice in. Once you have rebuild the skeletons, you will need to head to the door with the two levers and activate them.

    Heading through the door will bring you into a courtyard. Have a look around for a barrel. Jump onto the barrel and roll it to the place indicated. Staying on the barrel you will need to wind up the lock to open the door.

    Watch out! There are enemies behind the door.

    Lego Pirates Of The Caribbean Walkthrough — Port Royale Part 2.

    Heading through the solid door, you will arrive in another open section. You will now be able to use Captain Jack Sparrows compass. The compass will take you to the exact location of the item you are looking for. You will either need to dig out your items or they might just appear. you may also need to use the dog to dig up the item if you do not have a spade.

    Head over and attack the soldier, you will free your Pirate Buddy. Follow him, whilst he is dancing you will be able to get your hands on a lot of studs. There are also 5 build boats on the shore along with a few sand castles.

    You will need to keep using the compass until you gathered all of the items!.

    You will need to watch out for the soldiers! Take them all down. You will also need to find a barrel. The barrel is located on the beach sand. Roll the barrel back to the switch. Remember keep the barrel moving to lower the draw bridge.

    Watch out for the solider in the top right hand window. He has a gun!

    Head down through the draw bridge, down the steps and follow the line of studs. At the bottom of the steps you are going to need to build a small platform. This will allow you to jump onto a background area.

    Heading back to the beach, you will need to jump into a barrel and head into the water!. Once you are on the bottom of the ocean, you will see an indicator to where you will need to place your barrels.

    Once you are up onto the platform, you will need to take on the enemies. Heading down the slope, you will be able to get your hands on the lever. Turning the lever will bring a platform round to you, allow you to climb some rope to the upper platform.

    Captain Jack Sparrow will need to insert his sword into the lever. This will cause a line for the two characters to cross onto the ship. Jack will need to head to the wheel and spin it.

    Chapter 2: Tortuga

    You have now arrived in Tortuga!

    Have a smash around to collect some studs. In this level you will be picking up four of your pirate crew members!

    Once you have made it off the dock, have a run around and smash up a few thing to get your hands on some more studs.

    Head over to the gate opposite the dock, here you will be able to get your hands on a fire torch. Taking the torch back to the indicated icon. The torch will light the cannon which will blow down the gate!

    Head on through the gate, as you make your way into the new section, the civilians will not attack you. So do not worry. Have a look around for two wheels. You will need to place the two wheels on the indicated icons.

    You will see once you have placed the wheel that the horse needs an apple. The apple is located in the middle of the courtyard. It is near the pirate who is stuck in the well.

    Take the apple over to the horse and climb aboard! You will need to pull the cart out of the way. This cart will then explode, giving your tons of studs!

    Making your way through the archway into the next courtyard.

    When you make your way into the next courtyard, you will need to head into the pigs barn. Smashing the large box in his barn, you will then need to rebuild this.

    Place the wheel onto the indicated icon. In the pigs den if you look above you will be able to see a bright green bar. Jump up to pull the hidden stairs. Climb up them to enter the top of the barn.

    At the top of the barn, you will be able to see a bucket. You will need to pick up the bucket, fill it with water and place it onto the green panel.

    You will then enter a short cutscene.

    You have now found your first shipmate. This shipmate will be able to deal with the hot lego pieces.

    Head back to the previous courtyard to deal with the second lot of hot lego blocks. This will open the door. Pick up the torch and head back into the second courtyard. build the hot lego, this will open a door. Grab the touch and head back towards the docs. As you head out the first courtyards gate, to the right hand side you will find some fireworks. Use the torch to light them.

    Build the items and then head down into the next section.

    When you get to the next section, pick up a light and collect the studs as you go. When you get to the top, Jack will need to use his compass to find the special item needed for the section. Once he has located the gun, he will need to give it to the second shipmate.

    The second shipmate, will need to head through the small door, Second shipmate will then need to shoot the silver cage to create an opening for the characters to exit by.

    Lego Pirates Of The Caribbean Walkthrough — Tortuga Part 2.

    It looks like we have arrived in a bar! You will need your first shipmate to tend to the hot lego pieces.

    One of our shipmates is in need of a parrot! Have a look around and smash some items.

    Will (the character) will then need to jump onto the candle lights and jump across until he lands on the platform across. Have a look around this area. Make your way through the archway which is located near the first sliver gate. This will lead you into a bedroom. Have a wander around the bedroom.

    Jack will need to pull out his compass to find what looks like a Ruby! to give to shipmate number 3. The ruby is located behind the wall near the door. Once you have it, take it over to the lady.

    Ladies are able to double jump on the flower power areas. She will need to use these two spots to pull down the curtains to stop the enemies flooding in.

    Once you have taken down the enemies that have come through the door, head through the door. This will take you onto a balcony. Using the flower power jumping areas, the female character will need to swing across the beams to get to the platform across. She will also need to push over the brown box balancing on the window ledge. Heading up the ladder and through the broken room she or another character will need to pick up what fell off the window and place it onto the green panel.

    Head through the newly opened door to find your third and final shipmate along with the parrot. Catch the parrot and give it to the final shipmate.

    Once you have all your crew members, Head back to the docks and board your rowing boat!!

    You will enter a cutscene.

    Chapter 3: The Black Pearl Attacks

    We will be starting off by shooting some cannons!

    We will need to activate all of the cannons and smash all of the windows. Remember to use your shipmate who can touch the hot lego bricks to activate the red cannons.

    Once you have smashed two of the windows, head down into the lower decks. you will need to light and activate a couple of the cannons located in this section.

    On the ceiling there are some blocks the characters are able to hold onto, hold onto the blocks and you will get your hands on some studs and a wheel. Place the wheel where indicated.

    You will need to smash another window, once you have smashed the window. Pick up the cannon and place it onto the elevated green panel. This panel will turn brown once the cannon comes into contact with it.

    Near the fireworks you will need to smash about, you will then get a building item. Build the item and carry it where indicated.

    You will then need to smash about the ship to find the second building item for the cannon to be lifted. Once you have pushed the blocks to raise the cannon head up the ladder. Head over to pick up the cannon and smash your final window.

    You have freed Jack Sparrow! Have a smash around the decks. you need to find a building item to complete the track. Drop down through the hole in the deck. As you can see th ship is starting to sink! Get a barrel and drop through the floor into the water. You will need to step on the buttons. Head over to the block and push it into place. Jumping back into the water, you will need to swim through the opened gate to pick up the treasure.

    Once you have the treasure, you will enter a cutscene.

    Jack and Elizabeth Swann will need to head over the plank to the ship. Jack will then need to head up the rope to attack the monkey who is holding the treasure.

    Place the two large boxes onto the green panels and build the items. First shipmate will need to build the hot lego bricks.

    Place a barrel onto the switch. Remember keep it rolling. Pick up the item and place it onto the green panel. This will allow the lady ship mate to make her way up the stern.

    Once you have defeated the money, you will enter a cutscene.

    Chapter 4: Smugglers Den

    First things first, have a look around your little island.

    There is a boat to build here on the little island. Jack will need to use his compass to help him out alone the way.

    Make your way over to the other island using your compass to find some goodies. Jack will need to pick up a pile of wood and place it onto the camp fire.

    Head up the tree where the Pirates Skull is located you will be able to pick up a couple of studs. Knock the banana tree and take it around to the monkey up the coconut tree. In replace for the banana the monkey will give you a spade. This will allow you to dig up the pirates skull near the tree.

    Using the compass once again, Jack will need to build a very large sand castle.

    Using his sword he will be able to break open the lock to the trap door with the skull. This is a good section to start smashing as there are tons of studs!

    Elizabeth will then need to use her flower power jump to pull the rope, Jack will pull the shorter rope. This will bring a bridge. Jack and Elizabeth will then need to dive into the water and dive down. I know, it’s a pretty dark scene..

    Once you have a look down into the water, make your way back onto land. You will need to smash some items until you find a barrel. Placing the barrel on the switch. Keep it rolling until the bridge draws up.

    Head over the bridge, Elizabeth will then need to double jump and jump across the bright green poles to get to the other side. Smashing the skeleton (the second one) will give you a wheel. Elizabeth will need to place the wheel on the item indicated.

    Turning the wheel will bring the rest of the bridge up. Using the flower power double jump, Elizabeth will need to jump up and bring down a ladder which will then enter into a short cutscene.

    Once back onto the Island, have a wander around. Jack will need to use his compass to find the next item on his list. Use the telescope to locate something important!

    Lego Pirates Of The Caribbean Walkthrough — Smugglers Den Part 2.

    Have a wander around like usual picking up any goodies that are located around the island.

    Once you have finished collected the studs, head back into the dark cave. Once the TNT blows up it will leave you with a building item. This item is going to reflect the light. Cause the bridge to drop and two platforms with wheels attached.

    Head over to the platforms and turn both wheels, you are going to need to turn the wheel until the light hit the reflector on the right at the top. You are going to need to bend the light beam until it blows up the second TNT box.

    Once the box blows up, head over and build the item. Turning the item until it blows up the third lot of TNT. Building this item and then head over the plank. Picking up the bundle of wood and placing back over the plank where the arrow indicates.

    Pick up the reflector and place it where the arrow indicates. Head back to the panel you can move and reflect the light onto the new reflector. This will aim into the fire. Have a look around the island for more bundles of wood and place them onto the fire. Once placing the wood onto the fire, head over the planks over the ship to the island.

    Climb the banana tree to find a reflector, In the water you will see a square piece of wood. Smash it. Build the item and then head over to the opening to the cave to pick up a bundle of wood. Using your new contraption, place the wood on the green panel, turning the wheel will send it flying to the island across the way. Place the wood on the fire. You will then enter a cutscene which will complete the level.

    Chapter 5: Isla De Muerta

    This is the last chapter of the first film!

    Have a look around first, it is always good to do that. Then you will need to head over to the stairs and pick up a lamp so you will be able to see.

    Jack will then need to head over to the leaver and insert is sword. this will bring a platform for Elizabeth to cross to the other side.

    Once on the platform, turn to the left, you will be able to pick up the wheel to the lever. This will bring a platform for Captain Jack.

    Jack will then need to use the line to take him across the water. He will then need to jump up and grab onto the rope. Elizabeth will do the same. This will bring the rocks down in front of them.

    When you get to the other side, you will need to take on the pirates! You will only be able to take down these pirates when they are in the patches of moon light.

    Have a smash about, picking up any goods and any items that need to be built.

    Once you have built the wheel, it will move into a patch of moon light, head over to the wheel and turn it. This will bring another platform for the characters allowing them to cross the waters.

    One character will need to cross, whilst the other stays near the wheel. Once one of the characters has made it across. turn the wheel, this will bring another bridge for the character to cross on.

    Before you cross the second bridge, remember to take the torch with you. Place the torch where indicated.

    You are in charge of another cannon, fire the cannon at the three X’s and head up the new path. Once on the other side you will need to have a smash. Once you have found all the items, place them where the arrow indicates. Jack will also need to use his compass to find a new more pieces.

    Place the items where indicated. You will need to align the light until it shines on the golden skull.

    Heading through the new opening you will enter a short cut-scene.

    Lego Pirates Of The Caribbean Walkthrough — Isla De Muerta Part 2.

    We have now arrived in the last video for Chapter 5!

    Have a smash around first collect all the studs you need to get True Pirate.

    You will only be able to kill these half dead pirates when you bring them into the moon light.
    Once you have killed the wave of pirates, you will then need to build a barrel out of their bones!

    Place the barrel where the arrow indicates. Remember to keep on rolling!

    You will then need to take down that cheeky pirate who keeps hiding up on the ledge! Remember, you can only take him down once he has stepped into the moon light.

    There will be another wave of pirates, once you have taken those down, you will be able to use their bone to finish the wall!

    Head up the wall and make your way along the ceiling. Once on the small island, you will need to push the two blocks into the statue, this will light its eyes causing the ceiling to fall apart.

    You will still have that cheeky pirates to defeat as well.

    After you have attacked the pirate once again, another wave will appear. Take these pirates down and you will be able to use their bones as a counter weight. Will will need to use his axe to aim at the target. This will take him onto a ledge where he will need to push two more block in to activate the statues eyes.

    You will now be able to get onto the ledge where that cheeky pirate hides! Head over the planks. Remember, you can only take down the pirate in the moon light.

    After the short cut-scene, you will need to start running! Jumping over the spiked gaps using the rope above. Whilst you are running from the falling ceiling, you will need to take down the pirate. There are a little pile of brown Lego pieces, you will need to throw these at the pirate. Watch out for his monkey. Once you have hit the pirate with the brown pieces, this will stun him, head in for an attack! Once you have defeated the pirate. You will enter a cut-scene.

    Click on Page 2 to start the Film 2 chapters!


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      Its up stairs in the room in the hall. You have to smash a book case against the wall and it falls out.

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      Help! We can´t figure out how to save the game, it just keeps going back to the beginning when we switch it back on. Please help these dummies

    • Anonymous

      Hi Alexgavins – don’t know what system you are using but we played on xbox and found that the game saved automatically once you see the icon of Jack’s head in the left hand corner – if you are not playing on Xbox then sorry this information will not help you sorry  

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      when your in jail or prison, you will see green bars jump under the green bars and it will say 1-5.

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      used the walk throughh for Dutchmans secret  have got the 1st pirate when broke the dish and 3rd pirate but cannot find the 2nd to give the broom to have smashed everything in sight any one help me walkthrough says near the switch but found nothing

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      How do you through food in the krakens mouth?

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      Hi all, can anyone please help me – I’m trying to find the last compass item, the guitar, in the Tortuga level… the arrow points me to a wall and tells me that it’s just beyond but I can’t figure out how to get there. I tried going outside onto the roof but the guiter isn’t available to select out there. It’s the last thing I have to find to be finished that level and I’m getting sick of doing this level over and over trying to finish it!! Thanks heaps!!

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      The guitar is not behind a wall it is where the compass tells you go but if your playing in story just clear your data and heres a little tip for the black pearl attacks free-play use a guy like davy jones 

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      Please help !

      I am stuck in white cap bay, how do u smash the boat and the glowing rocks that are holding the rope. ?

    • Guest

      The code for Blackbeard is: D3DW0D.
      The code for Jacoby is:BWO656.
      Hope this helps!

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