Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Walkthrough Video Guide (Wii, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

11 May 2011
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Film 2: Dead Man’s Chest

Lego Pirates of the Caribbean rolling along!

Chapter 1: Pelegosto

First you will need to swing your cages until they snap off and land on the dirt path, you will need to control the cage yourself.

Once you have rolled to the top, smashed some items and squished some Lego men, you will need to place your cage onto the two green panels. This will open a door for you.

Head down into the newly opened door, and roll around picking up some studs. Head back up the slope and to the left you will see a climbing wall. Yes you will need to climb the wall.

Heading to the left, one of the players will need to roll onto one of the panels to open the door, head through the opened gate over the bridge and up another wall.

You will need to roll into a large wooden circle. Head over to the other side and place your cage into the large circle that has hole just big enough for the cage. This will take you back up to the upper ledge. Once you have made to the upper ledge. One player will need to go into the circle lift and the other will need to turn the lift.

You will need to move yourself between the three lifts until you reach the top. Once you have reached the top, you will see two small holes near to where you can out of your lift, head down the hole, this will open a passage for the other character to get to the upper level.

Once you have rejoined, you will need to head over to the green panels and open the gate and make your way over the wooden bridge.

Once on the other side, follow the path down, you will need to watch out for spear traps along the way. As you make your way over the bridge you will fall and enter a short cut-scene.

After the cut-scene, you will need to get Jack to use his compass and find the two items on his roster.

Remember if you do not have a spade, you will need to use the dog to help you dig up your items.

Once the dog has dug up the Lego item, place it where the arrow indicates.

Across the water, you will need to use the dog to dig up some wood. Build the plank and head over with the second block and place the block where the arrow indicates. Once the block is placed. You will need to build the wall. Climb up the wall. Shipmate one will need to build the hot lego bricks.

Head over the rope above. Once on the other side, pull the rope, this will cause a rock to fall and allow you to enter the zone behind the wooden fence.

Head to the fence which is stopping the water escape. Hit the three targets. This will cause the water to escape and end the level.

Chapter 2: A Touch Of Destiny

First things first, Jack will need to use his compass to find the three items located on his roster. Placing the items where the arrow indicated.

Pick up the monkey and place it where the arrow indicates. Hop onto the boat with the monkey. You will need to turn the wheel. This will cause the boat to move along the rope.

Once the monkey has been captured by the monster, you will need to jump up onto the platform and smash what on it. You will see a TNT bomb, head over to get a torch and light it. This will release the monsters arms from the boat.

Now it is time for a bit of target practice. Select a character with a gun. Aim at the targets. This targets will then flip over end turn into what looks like large Lilly pads.

Watch out, the water has crocodiles in it!

Once on the other side, smash what is on the dock, use the TNT to blow off the monsters arms. Ship mate number 1 will need to beat the hot Lego bricks.

Once that is complete, head back over to the boat and head to the dock. Once on the dock, ship mate number 1 will need to beat some more hot Lego bricks. Once he has done that, turn the wheel. You will need to turn the wheel three times.

Once the monkey is on the dock, pick him up and place where the arrow indicates. Picking a character with a cut to shoot the target. Pull the rope and head over the newly raised bridge.

After the monkey has been taken, Jack will need to use the zip line to get to the little house across the way. He will then need to push the block over onto the counter weight. This will raise a thin bridge for the characters to reunite with Jack.

Head over the bridge and shoot the target. Heading over the newly dropped bridge.

You will need to take down the large crocodile, pick up the items on the bridge (bombs) and throw them into the crocodiles mouth. Once the crocodile is beat, use its Lego pieces to get to the monkey. Place him where the arrow indicates.

Use the monkey cage like you would a barrel, roll it down to the lower docks. Jack will then need to insert his sword and use it as a lever. Picking up the new lever item, take it back over the bridge and place it where the arrow indicates.

Roll the monkey back up over the newly raised bridge and place him where the arrow indicates. Remember keep on rolling!.

Head into the house, pulling the rope to pull back the curtains. This will reveal a staircase.

Head up the stairs, you will need to get the blue blocks off the ceiling. To do this, use the tree with the climbing blocks to do so. Once they have fallen, build the rest of the panel. Smashing the table will give you the block. Jack will also need to insert his sword to activate the switch.

Push the block along, and pull the switch.

Make your way back down the stairs and build the item. Jack will then need to stand on the wooden platform. (the one against the table.) You will then enter a short cut-scene to end the level.

Chapter 3: The Dutchman’s Secret

Have a little walk around the area, you want to get that true pirate at the end of the missions!

Our friend Will will need to head over to the switch and insert his sword. This will bring up a net carrying what looks to be like barnacles. If you change over to the Dutchman’s ship crew member, you will be able to dissolve into the barnacles.

If you have having problems with the purple barnacles, you will need to get your hands on a lamp. These barnacles hate the light.

Using the barnacles to get to the back of the boat, you will need to smash the brown bowl. The bowl holds your first shipmate!

The second shipmate is located near the switch. You need to smash and bash thing to find him. You will only be able to mark him off your list once he has got his broom.

Once you have found his broom, you will need to head to the front of the ship. Use the barnacles to do so. Will needs to build the stairs which are found on the middle deck. Head up the stern of the boat and shoot the target, this is your final ship mate.

After a short cut scene, you will need to have a talk around the lower decks and pick up some extra heart if need be and some studs. Head through the gap in the floor. Use the lamp to shine on the purple large barnacles located in the barrel. Use the barrel and place it where the arrow indicates. Remember keep on rolling.

The Dutchman pirate, will need to head through the barnacles and turn the wheel which will lower a ladder. Head up the ladder and use the light to shine away the large purple barnacles . Will needs to insert his sword and the pirate will need to push the green panel.

The characters will then be back on the deck of the boat. Where the captain was, they will need to head through the doorway located on the left.

After having a look around the new area, Will needs to pick up the box and place it where the arrow indicates.

To do so, the Dutchman shipmate, will need to head through the barnacles. Head up the stairs and over near the large arms. Watch out cause they are deadly. Heading down the stairs on the opposite side he will need to insert his sword into the lever. This will make another wheel appear near Will.

Will needs to push both wheels back on the panel. He will then be able to turn both wheels. This will create some platforms for Will or the Dutchman shipmate to carry the music block and place it onto the green panel.

Standing on the none blue square will cause a wave of pirates.

You will need to jump on the blue squares, this will cause the arms to move revealing a purple square. Once both players on the purple square a pink square will appear. Jumping on the pink square will cause a cut-scene and the end of the Chapter.

Chapter 4: Isla Cruces

First things first, you and Jack are going to need to find a whole lot of treasure! You will need to get a spade and your compass.

Once you have found the pieces to the catapult, you will need to head to the coconut tree and hang on the bright green bar. this will bend the tree causing a coconut to fall.

Place the coconut onto the catapult, this will fire at the large starfish revealing another treasure chest.

Jack will then need to head into the ship, use his sword in the switch to take him to the top deck.

Jack will then need to jack his way over the bending plank and jump off the tree onto the ground. He will need to head to the compass point and pull out his compass.

where he will find a very large crab!

Using the coconuts and the catapult, Jack will need to aim the catapult at the Crab to defeat his two hearts.

After defeating the crab, two panels will appear in the sinking sand. Hop across to build an item.

Lego Pirates Of The Caribbean Walkthrough — Isla Cruces Part 2.

We now need to take on Jack Sparrow!

Once Jack runs and take the rope up to the tower, you will be left with a wheel item you need to build. Place the wheel where the arrow indicates.

Watch out for the blue enemies that swarm in!. There is also a hot Lego brick section. Select the correct character for that job.

Just near where the hot Lego bricks are located, there is an arch way. Head in. It is kind of hard to see since the game is so dark!

Once you are in the broken tower, Will needs to head up the plank and insert his sward into the switch. This will drop down another plank. Will needs to stay at the switch allowing the other character to head up the second plank. Head up the third plank to reach the top level. The character will then need to hang onto the green bar to reveal a ladder allowing Will to reach the top level.

Move across from the ladder onto the other platform, insert the sword into the switch to open the door. Jack Sparrow will be here so try get in a few hit if you can.

Once on the outside of the tower, follow the wooden beam around until you get to the climbing wall. On the way, pick up a torch. You will need to once you get to the top. Place the torch on the TNT end, this will blow out the wall, allowing you to enter another tower.

Aim for the target, once you have hit the target, you have a ladder, use the ladder to get across to the platform and head out the hole.

Make your way down over the plank and take on Jack Sparrow.

Once you have watched the cut-scene, you will be on the large wheel.

You will need to hit Jack Sparrows legs as he comes around to the middle part of the wheel. You will need to repeat this once all of his hearts have gone.

Once you have defeated Jack, you will enter a cut-scene.

Once you have made it to the beach, you will be swarmed by a load of blue enemy pirates.

You will need to fight against the pirates that are at the top, you will not allow to let the blue enemy pirate put them back together. So try and pick a fight with them on their own and not in large groups.

Once you have taken down all the pirates, you will be finished Chapter 4.

Chapter 5: The Kraken

First things first, you will need to head to a cannon. You will need to take out the big purple suckers with the cannon. Once you have shot the cannon, head over to the crate with the red items in and place it on the green panel. There are three crates you will need to place on the green panels.

Head over and light the second cannon and take out the large purple suckers.

Once you have taken out the suckers, head down the little flight of stairs. You will see what looks like a bookcase. Smash this. This will be your second case of TNT. Build it and place it over on the second green panel.

You will see your final TNT case suspended in chains. Pick a character that has a gun and shoot the crate down. Head over and place the final case onto the green panel.

Building the item and then using Shipmate 1 to beat the hot Lego pieces.

Turning the panels will raise the TNT bombs off the floor.

Head up clear stairs, keep going straight until you see the target. hit the target and pick up the case and place it onto the green panel.

The smallest character will need to head through the tunnel, this will bring him out where the TNT is behind the bars. Turning the wheel will make the panel straight. He will then need to push the box until it drops down. Picking up the box and placing it on the last green panel.

As you head up the stairs the stairs will break, giving you an item to build. Build the item and heave the TNT crates up to deck.

Change over to Jack once on deck. Jack will then need to shoot up to the top beams. Head along the plank and cut the rope. He will then need to head up the ladder and make his way across the rope.

At the end of one of the beams, Jack will need to break the tangled rope, this will allow the ship mate 1 to beat the hot Lego pieces located higher up.

Once the hot bricks have been built, two characters will need to push the green panels once again. This will cause the bombs to be raised even higher.

Lego Pirates of the Caribbean when monsters attack!

Lego Pirates Of The Caribbean Walkthrough — The Kraken Part 2.

It is now time to take on the Kraken!

You will need to have a run around and also take some cover because the vacuum on this monster is huge!

You will need to throw food into the Krakens mouth to defeat him. You will also be able to get your hands on some TNT.. When it’s arms fall down, quickly run up and light it with the torch. This will give him a good kicking. You will be able to do this on both of its arms.

Once you have defeated the Kraken, you will have completed Film 2.

Click on Page 3 to start the Film 3 chapters!


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