Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Red Hats Locations Guide (Wii, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

Red Hat #16: Treasure x2

Location: Beach
Price: 500,000
How to Acquire it: You need to quickly jump on the 5 wooden posts located on the beach.

Red Hat #17: Treasure x4

Location: Tavern
Price: 1,000,000
How to Acquire it: You need to use Blackbeard’s power to get through the mystic red and black gate. Then select a character with the song ability such as Philip or Syrena to shatter the aquarium glass.

Red Hat #18: Treasure x6

Location: Tavern
Price: 1,500,000
How to Acquire it: You need to hit the gray containers around the well 2 times each and it will appear above the well.

Red Hat #19: Treasure x8

Location: Hut
Price: 2,000,000
How to Acquire it: You need to smash a small cage of white rabbit inside of Tia Dalma’s hut.

Red Hat #20: Treasure x10

Location: Tower
Price: 2,500,000
How to Acquire it: You need to use the spyglass at the top of the tower. Then follow the sailor as he digs up 3 chests. You will get it after he digs up the 3rd chest.

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