Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Gold Bricks Locations Guide (Wii, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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Our Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Gold Bricks Locations Guide shows all the criteria necessary to collect all 85 Gold bricks in the Xbox 360, PS3, Wii and PC game.

There are a total of 84 Gold Bricks in Lego Pirates of the Caribbean, plus 1 more by beating The Ride level. The gold bricks can be used in many different ways from unlocking new areas or gaining achievements or trophies or adding more fun to the game for yourself.

You will automatically receive a gold brick for each level of the game’s story mode that you complete the others require a little more work. We’ll explain it in detail below.

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Our video guide will run you through the basics of gold bricks, and sets out the criteria for collecting them all.

Here’s a run down of some of the areas or missions you will receive gold bricks for.

  • Beat a level in Story mode. This will get you 20 gold bricks total.
  • Satisfy a level’s True Pirate stud requirement during Story or Free Play mode. Get a big enough number of the bricks by smashing everything not dying often, to get 20 gold bricks total.
  • Collect all 10 Minikits (Ships In A Bottle) from a level (can be done in Free Play mode). You get 20 gold bricks total.
  • Collect all the secret compass locations. For finishing all the mission goals and finding the hidden objects you get 20 gold bricks total.
  • You get 4 more gold bricks to appear in the Dock, specifically at the far right of the Port, after collecting all the Minikits (Ships In A Bottle) tied to finishing each of the 4 movies. Launch all 4 of the Minikit Ships you’ve made to get 4 bricks total.
  • When you get to 84 gold bricks, you’ll be able to build the last golden bricks object (a mast as described below) on the left side of the Port near the Tavern (which opens up The Ride bonus level) and for building that object you’ll receive the very last gold brick!
  • All the above gets you 84 gold bricks (for details please visit our other guides that are linked above). Next you should go to the Tavern in the main hub area and build a mast from the gold bricks you’ve collected. That will unlock “The Ride” final level, which is a recreation of the Disney World ride “Pirates of the Caribbean” on which the movies are based. To get the final 85th gold brick, beat “The Ride” level!

    It’s shown how to do that in this video:

    Thanks to Grannie O & Arizonaaussie for tips about the last 5 gold bricks.

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