Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Codes, Cheats, Tips and Secrets List (Wii, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)


Map Secrets

On each of the 4 level-select maps, there is a 6th secret point. Once you complete all 5 stories for a movie, a skull and a cross bones appear on the map.

Finally highlight the skull and cross bones with the cursor to earn the “You’re off the edge of the map” Achievement or Trophy.

The Clock Tower

You’ll find the clock tower on the left side of the balcony above the tavern. You will need to use Jack’s compass to find the key on the left. Then afterwards place the key on the crank and turn it to raise the green bars along the side of the clock tower.

Now select a female character and jump to the green bar. Afterwards swing and jump up to the next set of green bars and finally to a 3rd one where you will be able to pull yourself on a platform. This will earn you “The Green Flash” Achievement or Trophy.

The Day/Night Hub Area trick on the Clock Tower in action:

The Ships in a Bottle

In the tower area, walk onto the decks and along the sides of the dock are Ships in a Bottle. When you collect all 10 Ships in a Bottle for each level, a Ship in a Bottle appears on 1 of the docks. Each of the docks contains 5 Ships in a Bottle for 1 of the 4 movies.

Hit a Ship in a Bottle to break open it and a mini ship appears in the water. Then climb board it and sail it around. If you are playing with another player, they can get into another ship and you both can fire mini cannons at each other.

After you have collected all 200 Ships in a Bottle, break them all open and sail in each of the mini ships to earn the “Hoist the Colours” Achievement or Trophy.

The Pirates of the Caribbean: The Ride

The Ride is a secret level and will be very difficult to get to. You first need 84 Gold Bricks to assemble the bricks next to the cannons in the tavern area into a gold mast. So revisit this area once you have completed all 20 levels in Story mode, earned True Pirate in all 20 levels, collected all 200 Ships in a Bottle Minikits and found all 160 compass items.

You will need to complete this secret level in order to get the 85 and final Gold Brick.

Once you have built the gold mast that needs 84 Gold Bricks, walk up the stairs and head through the back passageway that was blocked by a gold gate. This gold gate is the entrance to The Ride.

The Ride has 3 different areas, the first area you must defeat 2 enemies from the cursed Black Pearl crew and then finally Captain Barbossa. Once you defeat Captain Barbossa, the gate opens to allow you to continue. Get in the boat and head to the 2nd area.

At the 2nd area you will face the Flying Dutchman crew. Defeat the 2 of them and then defeat Davy Jones. Once you defeat him, get on the next boat and head towards the finally, 3rd area.

At the final area you will face the crew of the Queen Anne’s Revenge. Afterwards you will need to defeat her captain, Blackbeard. Once you have defeated him, get back on the boat and exit the level to earn the final 85th Gold Brick for an Achievement.

It’s shown how to do that in Bob‘s video:

Let us know if they all work. Please comment if you now of any more cool codes!