Dead Block announced for XBLA, PSN and PC. Block dem zombies!

Stop dem zombies from entering da house before they eat da kids brains!
Dead Block has been announced for Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network and PC by developer Candygun Games.

The title is an all-new IP that mixes arcade-style action with strategy gameplay as the players must prevent zombies from busting into the joint via set traps and various weapons, all set to cartoony visuals and “1950s rock”. Um, yeah.

United States in the 1950’s – Rock’n’Roll music was spawned directly from hell and caused havoc to western civilization. The music was so evil it even revived dead people, turning them into Zombies!

Digital Reality has announced that it will publish Dead Block, the upcoming 3rd Person Action Defense zombie survival game developed by the Hamburg based studio Candygun Games.

Dead Block focuses on innovative defensive gameplay in which the few remaining survivors, Jack Foster (a construction worker), Foxy Jones (a traffic warden), and Mike Bacon (a perpetually hungry boy scout) have formed an unlikely alliance to protect themselves from the invading undead. Hiding in various shelters around town, they avoid Zombies by building blockades, setting fiendish traps or – as a last resort – using their weapons to fight.

In addition to 10 Single-player levels the game offers up to 4-Player, Split-Screen Multiplayer with an additional 8 Multiplayer co-op levels where players can fight side by side with their friends.

Dead Block was built on Epic Games’ award-winning Unreal Engine 3, which offers cutting edge technology and develops multi-platform products with great efficiency.

Here is the debut trailer for “Dead Block”.

Sounds like an intriguing concept but it remains to be seen if the gameplay will do anything special. I like what the developers are going for, but then again the trailer was a little too dumb for my personal tastes…