Mortal Kombat: Legacy Episode 4 features Kitana & Mileena

Mortal Kombat Legacy Kitana screenshot
The 4th episode of Mortal Kombat: Legacy has been released and this time it features the female Ninjas: Mileena and Kitana! So what will the new spin on these classic characters be? Watch below to find out!

Episode 4: Kitana & Mileena (Part 1)
Beautiful, athletic, and trained as highly skilled assassins, Kitana and Mileena have grown up thinking that they are sisters. Shao Kahn, Emperor of the Outworld, has tricked Shang Tsung into becoming his servant for Mortal Kombat by making him clone Mileena as a Tarkatan clone of Kitana, out of Shao Kahn’s fear that Kitana wouldn’t love him enough if she ever found out the truth about her Mother and Father.

Directed by Kevin Tancharoen
Written by Todd Helbing & Aaron Helbing
Produced by Kevin Tancharoen, Lance Sloane, Tim Carter

Mortal Kombat: Legacy brings to life the complex and rich history of the gaming world of MORTAL KOMBAT. Shao Kahn and Shang Tsung are obsessed with reigning over various realms (parallel universes) and the winners of Mortal Kombat competitions are granted supreme control over these worlds. The Earthrealm (Earth) is an unconscious participant in this competition and only a few select humans understand the consequences of losing Mortal Kombat and what it will mean to Earth. In a universe with powerful evil sorcerers, cyborgs, Gods and movie stars, this Mortal Kombat digital media series drives a cohesive understanding of what this Universe is all about.

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