Super Street Fighter 4 3D Edition codes, cheats, secrets & tips list (3DS)

Super Street Fighter IV 3D cheats guide screenshot
Looking for codes, cheats, tips and secrets for Super Street Fighter IV? Here you’ll find out how to fight secret characters, unlock various figurines with passwords and more.

Secret Characters

How to Fight Akuma
You can fight Akuma by beating the Arcade Mode and winning at least one “Perfect” match. Doing so will have you face Akuma after you fight Seth. If you beat him you will earn the “Akuma Killer” title!

How to Fight Gouken
This is a very tough one. During the Seth fight, you must score 2 Perfect Rounds and get 10 First Hits, while also pulling off 5 Super or Ultra Combos and not losing a single round. If you are successful you’ll fight Gouken after you brawl with Seth.

How to Fight Alternate Rival
If you see “Fight Your Rival” flash across the screen during the Arcade Mode, press and hold the R Button. Keep it held until the match begins. This will allow you to fight an alternate second rival. So Ryu would fight Ken instead of Sagat, for example.


Use one of these passwords to immediatly unlike a certain figurine. enter them in the Figure Collection Menu, make note that they are case-sensitive.

1. Golden Abel Figurine – Enter: wRqsWklbxT
2. Golden Blanka Figurine – Enter: DmdkeRvbxc
3. Golden Chun-Li Figurine – Enter: zAAkcHVbHk
4. Golden Guile Figurine – Enter: qeJkznDbKE
5. Golden M.Bison Figurine – Enter: CgIsQNWbHu (I = uppercase i)
6. Golden Rufus Figurine – Enter: nnhksyvbZy
7. Golden Ryu Figurine – Enter: KjckTnSbwK
8. Golden Zangief Figurine – Enter: hinsVnebTu
9. Platinum Cammy Figurine – Enter: dfukkvGbdt
10. Platinum El Fuerte Figurine – Enter: mhikghwbsf
11. Platinum Fei Long Figurine – Enter: MzisXzabBF
12. Platinum Level 7 Ryu – Enter: DPrkMnybCd
13. Platinum M.Bison – Enter: EebkxqWbYJ
14. Silver Akuma Figurine – Enter: RYSsPxSbTh
15. Silver Balrog Figurine – Enter: PqUswOobWG
16. Silver Chun-Li Figurine – Enter: tLWkWvrblz
17. Silver Cody Figurine – Enter: naMkEQgbQG
18. Silver Dan Figurine – Enter: rDRkkSIbqS (l = uppercase i)
19. Silver E. Honda Figurine – Enter: uUDsTlmbUN
20. Silver Ibuki Figurine – Enter: ilMsRBabpB
21. Silver Juri Figurine – Enter: OfQkARpbJR
22. Silver Ken Figurine – Enter: NyosHgybuW
23. Silver LV. 7 T. Hawk Figurine – Enter: tWEsvzubiz
24. Silver Lv. 5 Dhalsim – Enter: JKbsOVHbVC
25. Silver Lv. 6 Dudley – Enter: ZRhsNTMbIA (upper case i)
26. Silver Lv. 6 Hakan – Enter: rLPbyLgbUy
27. Silver Makoto Figurine – Enter: GHakWCTbsl
28. Silver Rose Figurine – Enter: GKkkXXtbSe
29. Silver Sakura Figurine – Enter: uzTsXzIbKn (I = uppercase i)
30. Special Akuma Figurine – Enter: uQHkWgYbJC


Beating the Arcade Mode while adhering to certain conditions will unlock various Character Tiles and Icons. You also must complete the trials, which are all unique, for each character.

1. Blue Character Title – Beat Arcade with the character on any difficulty.
2. Character Icon #1 – Beat any trial with the character.
3. Character Icon #2 – Beat 8 different trials with the character.
4. Character Icon #3 – Beat 16 different trials with the character.
5. Character Icon #4 – Beat all trials with the character.
6. Gold Character Title #1 – Beat 12 different trials with the character.
7. Gold Character Title #2 – Beat 14 different trials with the character.
8. Gold Character Title #3 – Beat 18 different trials with the character.
9. Gold Character Title #4 – Beat 20 different trials with the character.
10. Gold Character Title #5 – Beat 22 different trials with the character.
11. Red Character Title – Beat Arcade with the character on the hardest difficulty.
12. Silver Character Title #1 – Beat 2 different trials with the character.
13. Silver Character Title #2 – Beat 3 different trials with the character.
14. Silver Character Title #3 – Beat 4 different trials with the character.
15. Silver Character Title #4 – Beat 6 different trials with the character.
16. Silver Character Title #5 – Beat 10 different trials with the character.