Jurassic Park: The Game for Xbox 360 will be retail disc

Jurassic Park: The Game logo
Jurassic Park: The Game has been confirmed as coming to Xbox 360, and as a surprise to everyone, it won’t be a downloadable title but will actually be the entire episodic series on a retail disc! However it won’t be coming until this fall, and will release alongside a PS3 version.

Although at this time it is not clear whether the PS3 version will also be a retail disc or if it will be a downloadable PlayStation Network title. Or maybe both? Previous Telltale Games like Back to the Future: The Game were downloadable via the PSN, so it would seem natural that this game would also be a downloadable.

Jurassic Park: The Game was recently delayed for the PC and Mac versions, but since we are getting the Xbox 360 version this fall, and it will be the entire series pressed to one Xbox 360 disc, you can assume that the PC and Mac versions will be releasing sooner than Fall, so perhaps this summer in a month or so.

Here is a video of Jurassic Park: The Game.

Via 1UP