Jurassic Park episodic game delayed to Fall 2011. Coming to Xbox Live Arcade

Jurassic Park videogame has real dinosaurs!
Jurassic Park: The Video Game, the next licensed product that Telltale Games is tackling, has been pushed back to improve the quality of the product.

It was originally scheduled to release for PC (the first episode that is) this month but now it has been delayed to this Fall. And it will now be released on “multiple platforms”. Those platforms are most likely the Mac and iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad) instead of simply the PC, although hopefully we’ll also get console releases on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network thanks to the delay. But that’s just speculation.

The exact reason for the delay, according to Telltale Games CEO, Dan Connors, is so that they can make the game, “the best gaming experience possible for the players.” Also if you pre-ordered the game, you will be given a 100% refund.

Here is a look at Jurassic Park: The Game in action.

Jurassic Park: The Game follows Telltales other licensed releases including Back to the Future: The Game and their upcoming game based on The Walking Dead and Law & Order: Los Angeles.

Update: It has been confirmed that an Xbox Live Arcade version of Jurassic Park: The Game is most likely coming as part of the “multiple platforms” quoted above, as Telltale announced it has signed a deal with Microsoft to become an Xbox 360 developer and will thus be bringing many of its games over to the Xbox Live Arcade platform. Exactly what games will be hitting Xbox 360 wasn’t revealed, but given the delay to Jurassic Park: The Game and the fact that “multiple platforms” are cited above and given that the delay just so happened to coincide with the announcement of Telltale signing a deal with Microsoft, one therefore have to assume that Jurassic Park: The Game is indeed 360-bound. Kudos to Telltale, they deserve to have their games reach as wide an audience as possible!

Via USA Today