Project Cafe is Wii 2 code-name. “Nintendo Stream” also considered. New details on controllers, say rumors

Project Cafe Wii 2 possible screenshot
The Wii 2 is rumored to be code-named “Project Cafe” with one possible final-name for the system being the “Nintendo Stream”. New details on the console have also been revealed as to the architecture that will power the next Nintendo console and its controllers.

The new Nintendo console is highly rumored to be announced at E3 2011 on June 7-9th.

Reports say that the console will use two controllers. Or rather, there will be two types of controllers available that it can use. This is not a stretch at all, considering that the Wii uses no less than four types of controllers: Wii Remote, Nunchuck, Wii Remote & Nunchuk Combo, Classic Controller, Classic Controller Pro, GameCube Controller and Wii MotionPlus.

One of the Wii 2 controllers will have a built-in touchscreen and camera, whereas the other type of controller would more closely resemble the Wii Remote. Some reports say the touchscreen is 6.2 inches and that the non-Wii-like controller will feature eight buttons and two analog sticks. Apparently the thought is that one controller would be more traditional, while the other controller would allow a more casual gamer to play by swinging, wagging, gesturing with the Wii Remote-style device., and that both controllers could be used at the same time to allow for people to play with whatever style suits them. Some reports say that the controller will have something in common with the GameCube controller, while others say it will be comparable to an iPad with buttons. Some reports also state the controller Wii Remote-like controller will exceed the PlayStation Move in its ability.

Internally, the system will apparently have a revamped AMD R700 GPU and a triple-core IBM PowerPC chipset that can achieve speeds faster than the Xbox 360. It will reportedly resemble a modern-day Super Nintendo in design and will cost anywhere from $350 and $400 to produce. Reports say we can expect the system as early as holiday this year or, probably more likely, in 2012.

So how excited are you about all these Project Cafe/Stream/Wii 2 developments?

Via 1UP. Thanks to VGChartz for the image.