Smite free-to-play DOTA-style game announced

Artwork of Zeus for free-to-play online mythical god arena combat game Smite, a DOTA-type title from Hi-Res Studios
Smite has been announced by developer Hi-Rez Studios as an all-new DOTA-style online arena-combat game which offers third-person action that is free-to-play.

You may recognize Hi-Res as the development studio responsible for the well received Global Agenda online third-person shooter game.

In Smite, players choose from a selection of mythical gods, join session-based arena combat, and use custom powers and team tactics against other player-controlled gods and non-player controlled minions.

“As a studio and as gamers, we love competitive multi-player games that reward teamwork and strategy”, says Todd Harris, Hi-Rez Studios COO.

“With SMITE, we draw inspiration from DoTA-style RTS titles, but leverage the Unreal 3 Engine to introduce original action oriented combat mechanics, great graphics, and a mythology-themed setting.

These session-based games depend upon balanced class design, sophisticated stat-tracking, and matchmaking functionality. These are features we understand well from Global Agenda and our studio is excited to progress team-oriented PvP in new and original directions with SMITE.”

I’m always up for some gods-vs-gods action! Hopefully we’ll get an official trailer soon.