NOVA: Elite released for Facebook (not iPhone)

Nova Elite Facebook FPS screenshot
Nova: Elite has been released as… A Facebook game! Most people thought that “Elite” would be an all-new game in the series for the original platform it was released on (iOS) but it turns out that Social Networking is what Gameloft had in mind.

You can play Nova: Elite now as an all-new online multiplayer game for the popular social networking site that is a full on multiplayer first-person shooter! In the game you can use Facebook Credits (purchased with real money of course) to customize your character with all sorts of items, armor and weaponry.

Here is the debut trailer for Nova: Elite.

“N.O.V.A. Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance ELITE brings the universe of the popular sci-fi first-person shooter to Facebook players for free online. Jump into intense multiplayer battles against players across the world of equal skill, thanks to the matchmaking system that ensures fair play. Create your own group of fighters and challenge your friends. Grow stronger as you climb the leaderboard and earn skills and currency to spend on special items. Develop your specialized role by equipping weapons and armor that optimizes your fighting abilities.”

No word on whether or not this game will ever hit any other platform, like iOS, but it certainly is possible. We’ll have to wait and see how the free Facebook version does. Something tells me it’ll be a huge hit.