Portal 2 secrets exposed on video (spoiler alert!)

Portal 2 Easter Egg for Turret Choir!
Portal 2 is full of secrets that are exposed and uncovered in the videos below. These Easter Eggs are fun and challenging little finds just waiting to be discovered, but if you haven’t beaten the game yet then you may not want to look because there are spoilers contained therein.

Table of Contents

Easter Egg #1 – Missing Experiment Secret

You can find the “Aperture Science’s Borealis” that was first hinted at in Half-Life: Episode 2. Find out how to locate it in this video (It’s in Chapter 6).

Easter Egg #2 – Portrait Of A Lady

This can be found in Chapter 7, early within. Finding it will give you the “Portrait Of A Lady” Achievement worth a whopping 10G.

Easter Egg #3 – Exile Villify Musical Secret

This secret is found within Chapter 2. Although it is easy to find, it is also easy to miss. Watch the video above to see how to find it.

Easter Egg #4 – Turret Choir Secret

You can find another Easter Egg hidden within a vent that’s guarded by a Turret. Here is how to find it.

Easter Egg #5 – Secret Room in Chamber 17

You can find a secret room in Chamber 17 by checking out the high black wall to the left of the entrance. You’ll notice a retractable plate. Portal the lightbridge to reach it and get in the room behind. There you’ll find a hidden room that contains a poem, cups and artwork.

Easter Egg #6 – Co-Op Peabody Robot in Single Player Story Mode

In the single player story mode, you can find Peabody on Test 15 of Wheatley’s challenges in Chapter 2. When Wheatley is “making” your exit, zoom in and you’ll notice Peabody by the door.

Easter Egg #7 – Secret Monologue by Cave Johnson

Cave Johnson will give a hidden monologue that you can hear if you stay in the first test chamber (after you discover the White Gel) for about ten minutes.

Easter Egg #8 – Sunthesizers and Sunbridges

This Easter Egg is simple but oh-so-pleasurable. You can hear some harmonies songs of the Sun by simply squatting under a Sunbridge and keeping an ear out!

Easter Egg #9 – Chapter 5 Wall Art

Directly after the intro of Chapter 6: The Fall, head towards the nearest wall and create a portal. Follow the wall to your left until you notice a collage of various shapes in the righthand corner. Now shoot an entry portal to exit on the other side of the first fence. Here you will notice some shapes where the light and shadow are on the wall corner.

Easter Egg #10 – Decoded Moon Image!

Decoding the ARG for Portal 2 that gives you transmissions resembling those from Ratman’s Lair (encoded using SSTV images sent over HAM radio) gives you the following picture of the Moon!

Companion Cube on the Moon in Portal 2!

Ending/Credits Song “Want You Gone” by Jonathan Coulton

Well here we are again, It’s always such a pleasure, Remember when you tried to kill me twice? Oh, how we laughed and laughed, Except I wasn’t laughing, Under the circumstances I’ve been shockingly nice.

You want your freedom take it, That’s what I’m counting on, I used to want you dead but, Now I only want you gone.

She was a lot like you, (Maybe not quite as heavy), Now little Caroline is in here too. One day they woke me up, So I could live forever, It’s such a shame the same will never happen to you.

You’ve got your short, sad life left, That’s what I’m counting on, I’ll let you get right to it, Now I only want you gone.

Goodbye, my only friend, Oh, did you think I meant you? That would be funny if it weren’t so sad, Well you have been replaced, I don’t need anyone now, When I delete you maybe I’ll stop feeling so bad.

Go make some new disaster, That’s what I’m counting on, You’re someone else’s problem, Now I only want you gone, Now I only want you gone, Now I only want you gone.

Easter Egg #11 – Chell’s Science Projects

Now THIS one has some major implications. Without giving anything away, head to the “Bring your daughter to work day” room with all the Science Fair Potato projects. Look very closely at all of them, one of them you’ll notice the name “Alyx”, a reference to the protagonist of Half-Life 2! But the other is even more major. Find the large overgrowth of a potato project and look very closely. You’ll notice a name… Chell!

Do you know of any more Portal 2 Secrets or hidden Easter Eggs? If so leave as a comment and we’ll add it to the list and give you credit!

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