Mortal Kombat 2011 codes, cheats & tips list (PS3, Xbox 360)

Mortal Kombat 2011 Versus Codes and Cheats Guide Screenshot
Looking for codes, cheats, tips and secrets for Mortal Kombat 2011? As with previous games VS Codes make another appearance in Mortal Kombat for Xbox 360 and PS3, allowing you to change certain aspects of a match and activate all kinds of interesting and fun conditions for match play, either online or offline.

Like in previous games, these Versus Screen Codes can be inputted while fighting against another player, but two controllers are required to input the code. Player 1 enters the first three digits while Player 2 enters the last 3 digits. Be quick, as you must scroll the box to the correct icons before the match loads in order for the code to have been correctly applied to the match. If you’ve done so, the code will activate upon the beginning of the match and the effect of the code will be established for the battle.

To read the VS Screen Codes, read them just as you did in past games. The numbers listed below in the sequence tells you how many times you need to press the button to get to the right icon. There are six slots, corresponding to the six boxes from left to right that appear on the Versus Screen. So if the code is 9-3-3:9-3-3 then Player 1 would press the button that changes the icon for the first box nine times, the second box button three times and the third box button three times. While Player 2 would do the same. This would activate the code. Good luck experimenting!


Table of Contents

Index of Mortal Kombat 2011 Guides:

1. Armless Kombat

Press; 9-1-1: 9-1-1

2. Blocking Disabled

Press; 0-2-0: 0-2-0

3. Breakers Disabled

Press; 0-9-0: 0-9-0

4. Dark Kombat

Press; 0-2-2: 0-2-2

5. Double Dash

Press; 3-9-1: 1-9-3

6. Dream Kombat

Press; 2-2-2: 5-5-5

7. Enhance Moves Disabled

Press; 0-5-1: 1-5-0

8. Explosive Kombat

Press; 2-2-7: 2-2-7

9. Foreground Objects Disabled

Press; 0-0-1: 0-0-1

10. Headless Kombat

Press; 8-0-8: 8-0-8

11. Health Recovery

Press; 0-1-2: 0-1-2

12. Hyper Fighting

Press; 0-9-1: 0-9-1

13. Invisible Kombat

Press; 7-7-0: 7-7-0

14. Jumping Disabled

Press; 8-3-1: 8-3-1

15. Kombos Disabled

Press; 9-3-1: 9-3-1

16. No Blood

Press; 9-0-0: 9-0-0

17. Power Bars Disabled

Press; 4-0-4: 4-0-4

18. Psycho Kombat

Press; 7-0-7: 7-0-7

19. Quick Uppercut Recovery

Press; 3-0-3: 3-0-3

20. Rainbow Kombat

Press; 2-3-4: 2-3-4

21. Sans Power

Press; 0-4-4: 4-4-0

22. Silent Kombat

Press; 3-0-0: 3-0-0

23. Specials Disabled

Press; 7-3-1: 7-3-1

24. Super Recovery

Press; 1-2-3: 1-2-3

25. Throwing Disabled

Press; 1-0-0: 1-0-0

26. Throwing Encouraged

Press; 0-1-0: 0-1-0

27. Tournament Mode

Press; 1-1-1: 1-1-1

28. Unlimited Super Meter

Press; 4-6-6: 4-6-6

29. Vampire Kombat

Press; 4-2-4: 4-2-4

30. X-Rays Disabled

Press; 2-4-2: 2-4-2

31. Zombie Kombat

Press; 6-6-6: 6-6-6

Alternate Stage Music

Press the Start Button before a fight during Versus Mode while you are selecting a stage and you’ll hear Shao Khan laugh, this means that Alternate Music has been activated! Now you will hear different music taken from previous Mortal Kombat titles for certain levels! You will NOT hear alternate music for the following levels: The Courtyard (Night) – Desert – The Flesh Pits – Hell – Rooftop (Dusk) – Shao Kahn’s Throne Room – Shang Tsung’s Gardens – Shang Tsung’s Gardens (Night) – The Bell Tower

Alternate Colored Costumes

You can change the color for certain outfits for some MK characters. On the Character Select Screen, press the Start Button to select your character, then press Start once more on either Costume #1 or Costume #2 and you’ll get an Alternate Color. Nifty!

If you have any other Kombat Kodes or other cheats that are missing from this list please leave a comment and we’ll add them to the guide and give you credit!

Never settle for thinking that all of the codes are found! I remember playing Mortal Kombat 4 for ages and systematically going through all the numbers and finding a Big Head code that wasn’t in any of the guides. So there could always be undiscoverable codes out there! Good luck!