How to unlock all Mortal Kombat 2011 characters. Guide for PS3 & Xbox 360

20 April 2011
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How to Unlock Fleshpit Mileena
In order to unlock this alternate and bloody disgusting Mileena you must complete the last level of the Challenge Tower, level 300! Doing so will unlock her as the third costume!

Here’s Mileena’s Fleshpit costume on video.

Also appearing in the game are Gorro, Kintaro and Shao Khan, although they appear as boss characters and are NOT playable. It remains to be seen whether or not they will be activated as playable characters in the future.

The roster will be expanded by two to make it 30 when Kenshi and Scarlet are released as DLC. A date for the downloadable content has not yet been revealed. It was rumored that Kintaro may also be playable in the upcoming DLC, which could hint at the bosses becoming playable (as they have been in the past).


While playing Arcade Mode you can unlock some Secret Battles with hidden characters, while three of these are playable, one hidden character is NOT playable. Hopefully he will be released as DLC at a later date! These Secret Battles resemble the hidden battles you could trigger in past Mortal Kombat games, where you’d generally have to hold a button when a shadow flew over the moon or obtain a

1. How to Unlock the Jade Secret Battle
During the Shang Tsung Battle, you must win both rounds without getting hit once. This is called a “Double Flawless Victory”, you then must finish the evil sorcerer off by performing a Fatality on this evil Warlock. Do this successfully and you should be taken to fight a hidden Secret Battle against the Emerald Green Female Ninja, Jade. Jade appeared as a Secret Battle in Mortal Kombat 2.

Here is the Jade Secret Battle on video.


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