SOCOM 4 Tarocco Locations Guide. How to find all Blood Oranges (PS3)

I spy with my little eye!
This SOCOM 4 Tarocco Locations guide will point you to exactly where to locate and find each of the hidden Blood Oranges, called Tarocco’s, in the game.

Blood Oranges are half an Orange fruit that you can find hidden deviously throughout the game’s 14 levels. There are 14 Blood Oranges total, one for each level of the game.

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One useful tip is to know that the game saves each time you find a Blood Orange, immediately after picking it up. So once you have found one and picked it up, you can then exit the level without having to worry about losing your fruit (ahem).

Collecting each and every Blood Orange will earn you “The Sweetest, Darkest Juice is at its Core” hidden Silver Trophy. Additionally, the first time you pick a Tarocco up you will earn a Bronze Trophy called “The Blood Orange”.

This video will show you where to find each and every one.

Thanks to TheFlyingToaster for the video.