Wii price drop to $170-$150 by May 2011

18 April 2011
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The Nintendo Wii is about to get some major price cuts that is, if the price drops haven’t occured already.

Several major retaliers have already dropped the price of Nintendos current-gen console to $169.99. What retailers are these?

You should be able to find the Wii at the cheap $170 price point at Gamestop, Amazon, Bestbuy, Toys ‘R Us and Target.

But don’t rush out to buy one just yet! Apparently there is a major or official price drop down to $150 in May, according to reports by Engadget. This of course makes perfect since if all the Wii 2 rumors are to be believed, they say the new Nintendo system will be revealed at this year’s E3 2011 on June 7-9th.

Now all we need to know is whether the Wii 2 will be backwards compatible or not with older Wii games.

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