All Mortal Kombat 2011 Fatalities, Babalities Guide (PS3, Xbox 360)

Shang Tsung The Joker fatality in Mortal Kombat 2011 screenshot
Do you want to know how to perform all Mortal Kombat 2011 fatalities and babalities? You can find out the right moves in this guide to the Xbox 360 and PS3 fighting game.

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Button Combinations Key

Every character in the game has two Fatalities, each with the ability to perform Stage Fatalities, as well as a Babality.

Press the following button combinations to perform their respective finishing moves for each of the 26+ characters that have them (first displayed for Xbox 360 and then PS3). You have to perform these Fatalities a few seconds after the words “Finish Him/Her” are spoken.

F: Forward
B: Back
D: Down
U: Up
1: X (Xbox 360) / Square (PS3)
2: Y (Xbox 360) / Triangle (PS3)
3: A (Xbox 360) / X (PS3)
4: B (Xbox 360) / Circle (PS3)
(Jump): Jump at the end means the distance, the distance a backwards jump away from your opponent would make.

While normal fatalities and babalities can be performed anywhere, stage fatalities can only be performed on these stages: Chamber of the Flame, Hell, Subway, The Dead Pool, The Living Forest, The Pit (Day & Night), and The Street.

Baraka Fatalities & Babality:

Fatality 1 “Up The Middle” – B,F,D,F,1 (Sweep)
Fatality 2 “Take a Spin” – F,F,D,D,3 (Sweep)
Stage Fatality – D,D,D,D,3 (Varies)
Babality – F,B,F,4 (Jump)

Cyber Sub-Zero Fatalities & Babality:

Fatality 1 “Kold Fusion” – D,B,D,F,2 (Jump)
Fatality 2 “Brain Freeze” – D,D,B,D,1 (Jump)
Stage Fatality – D,D,U,Block (Varies)
Babality – D,B,F,Block (Jump)

Cyrax Fatalities & Babality:

Fatality 1 “Buzz Kill” – F,D,F,B,2 (Close)
Fatality 2 “Nothing But Net” – B,D,B,F,1 (Jump)
Stage Fatality – D,U,Block (Varies)
Babality – D,F,B,2 (Jump)

Ermac Fatalities & Babality:

Fatality 1 “Mind Over Splatter” – D,U,D,D,Block (Jump)
Fatality 2 “Pest Control” – F,B,F,D,4 (Jump)
Stage Fatality – D,U,D,D,3 (Close)
Babality – D,D,B,D,2 (Jump)

Jade Fatalities & Babality:

Fatality 1 “Head-A-Ring” – U,U,D,F,1 (Full Screen)
Fatality 2 “Half Mist” – B,D,B,D,4 (Sweep)
Stage Fatality – B,F,D,Block (Close)
Babality – D,D,F,D,4 (Jump)