Wii 2 release date Fall 2012? HD system power eclipses Xbox 360 and PS3, say reports

14 April 2011
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Wii II logo fake. Game Informer says HD Wii is coming in 2012
MEGATON. The next Nintendo console, Wii 2 or not, will be shown at the upcoming E3 2011 for 2012 release. It supports HD and is already being showed to publishers so they can start development on titles.

The E3 2011 show takes place at the Los Angeles Convention Center between June 7th and June 9th!

This bit of insanely exciting news would normally be taken with a grain of salt, even though rumblings of the next Wii or new Wii have been going on for quite some time.

But swallow that salt with a boatload of sugar, because Game Informer has CONFIRMED that a new console IS being shown! *gasp*

What isn’t known is whether or not this is an HD Wii or something entirely new. What IS known is that it will be MORE POWERFUL than the Xbox 360 or PS3. At least, say some reports. But don’t hold your breath as this is all “speculation”, but Game Informer says it has been confirmed by “multiple sources”. One of which said this: “Nintendo is doing this one right,” said an anonymous source. “[It’s] not a gimmick like the Wii.” VERY interesting.

But will the Wii 2 be more powerful than the Xbox 720 or PS4? That is the question and remains to be seen.

Nintendo’s official word on the news is that they don’t comment on rumor and speculation, but it is a VERY exciting time to be a Nintendo fan. GET PUMPED!

If the Wii 2 was shown today, would you buy one?

Via Game Informer. Thanks to Kotaku for the image.


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