Mass Effect 3 story details revealed. No multiplayer

Mass Effect 3 screenshots from Game Informer
Some all-new Mass Effect 3 story details have been revealed thanks to the newest issue of Game Informer magazine.

Please be aware that story spoilers are included below, so avert your eyes if you don’t want to know anything!

Here are the new details in bullet form:

  • Mass Effect 3 opens up with Shepard on Earth.
  • Shepard is being put on trial according to the events of the Mass Effect 2 Arrival DLC. But during the middle of the trial, Reapers invade.
  • The Mass Effect 3 prologue will include Shepard’s escape to the Normandy, finding allies and fighting Reaper troops along the way.
  • The Reapers can be beaten. However their Achilles Heel will be kept under wraps until the game’s release, and it is something that won’t be obvious from the start.
  • Squad mates that have been confirmed include: Liara, Ashley/Kaiden, Garrus (if he’s alive) and James Sanders.
  • Characters who will appear but may not be squad mates include: Wrex, Mordin, Legion, and Anderson, obviously depending on whether they lived or not.
  • A “previously on Mass Effect” comic will make the decisions for you if you are starting the game without data from Mass Effect 2. Like that game, this game will change depending directly on the decisions you made in the previous games.
  • The Illusive Man plays a prominent role in the storyline.
  • Cerberus is out to kill Shepard. Why? That’s unknown right now. Let the speculation begin!
  • RPG-elements are getting specific focus and will be beefed up. This will give players more freedom with character skills, with larger Skill Trees and powers that evolve several times instead of only once. All of this will offer players more freedom and customization than ever before.
  • There will now be multiple ways to earn the loyalty of a species, and you can do so by other means outside of quests.
  • Combat will be much tougher this time around, with more focus on melee attacks.
  • Weapon mods return but not how they were in Mass Effect 1. They have a set list, but you can swap out parts like barrels and scopes, which effect not only appearance but performance of the weapon.
  • All classes can now wield weapons unhindered, but will have limited slots for carrying them. The only class that can carry all of the weapons at once is the Soldier (naturally). You can deduce that Adept, Engineer and Sentinel will probably be limited to two weapons with Vanguard and Infiltrator having three.
  • You can shoot specific armor parts to produce different results.
  • Enemy weapons can also be picked up now.
  • Battlefields will be much larger than before, with more varied combat.
  • Multiple endings: Good, bad and ugly. These will depend on who you have in your squad and the allies you recruit will have a massive (pun intended) effect on which endings are available to you and what ending you earn.
  • NO MULTIPLAYER. If multiplayer happens, it will be in a new Mass Effect game or a spin-off.
  • Decisions that you made way back in Mass Effect 1 will have grave consequences in Mass Effect 3! For example, if you spared the Rachni, you’ll know about it in Mass Effect 3. There will be multiple options to take back Earth with no direct railroad to the end of the game.
  • Mass Effect 3 will be released this Fall 2011 for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

    Here is the debut trailer for Mass Effect 3.

    What are you hoping to see in Mass Effect 3? What about the third game are you most excited about?

    Thanks to Game Informer. Image via Gameblurb