Alan Wake 2 level designer wanted

Alan Wake Season 2 fake box art
Alan Wake 2 may be in development currently or entering it soon according to Remedy, who is hiring people for a new game.

However there are some clues that point to the fact that this may in fact be Alan Wake 2. The first Alan Wake sold well enough to be a success, it was also critically acclaimed, but it didn’t do gang-busters and whether a sequel would happen or not was in doubt.

In the latest issue of OXM magazine, they say that a sequel looks “promising” and therefore, could actually happen. Additionally, the job advertisement mentioned above asks that the person be able to deliver a “compelling narrative and intense action” as well as being able to craft a level that matches the game’s “storyline and vision”. All of these hints would definitely fit for Alan Wake.

Remedy has also said they’d like to create a sequel in the past, and that it would either be Xbox 360-exclusive or appear on both the 360 and PC. In July of 2007 Remedy said Alan Wake 2 should get greenlit and that they were confident the first game would continue to sell.

We’ll certainly find out at E3 2011 if Remedy is on for another Alan Wake. Let’s hope so!

Here is a trailer for the Alan Wake: The Writer DLC, the final downloadable content that was released for the original game.

Via VG247