No More Heroes 3 may come eventually

Suda51 on No More Heroes 3
No More Heroes 3 is not currently in the cards, but it is a game that designer Goichi Suda (Otherwise known as “Suda51”) would like to create eventually, according to his own words when he was asked about the subject of a third title at a recent event.

Speaking to a crowd of fans at an event to raise money for the victims of the recent tragic earthquake and tsunami in Japan (also promoting his next game, Shadows of the Damned), Suda 51 said this about a possible “No More Heroes 3”.

“Although it won’t happen soon, I’d like to do it at some point,” he reportedly told the crowd.

Although fans won’t be getting a new adventure anytime soon, there is the upcoming re-release of the original game exclusively for PlayStation 3 which builds on the original with PlayStation Move support. That game will be released as No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise on May 5, 2011.

It contains these changes from the original Wii version:

  • High-definition graphics.
  • English and Japanese voice-acting.
  • Face off against previous bosses in Rebout Mode.
  • “Very Sweet” Mode – Depicts the game’s female characters wearing more “appealing” attire.
  • New boss characters.
  • Cinema Mode where you can re-watch all the games cutscenes.
  • Improved Artificial Intelligence for enemies.
  • Ability to stock up to three Dark Side mode charges, rather than having it activate immediately, like in the original.
  • Unused Dark Side mode charges left over in the player’s stock at the end of a Ranking Battle rewards Travis Touchdown with additional LB dollars (as was the case with unused Anarchy in the Galaxy stocks in the original version of No More Heroes.)
  • Players are now able to revisit Ranking Battles and cinematics, in the form of nightmares and dreams in an extras-like mode.
  • Here is a video of the Japanese version of No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise for PS3 (complete with English voice overs!).

    Via GameSpot