Mother 4 AKA Earthbound 3 not happening, says Shigesato Itoi

1 April 2011
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EarthBound 3 Brutus magazine scan
Some new EarthBound 4 news, er, Mother 4 news… I guess that makes it “EarthBound 3” if you want to get technical in English – has surfaced via a Japanese magazine called “Brutus” in which the creator of EarthBound is interviewed.

Yup that’s right, Shigesato Itoi himself! He also apparently SITS IN THE SAME ROOM with Nintendo President Satoru Iwata, and both of them discuss the series.

Exciting right? Well… Not exactly. It turns out that this is all really a false-positive, as in the end Itoi basically says that EarthBound 3/Mother 4 is NOT happening anytime soon…

Although you must take this with a grain of salt as a full translation of the Japanese magazine into English has yet to be completed, but apparently all the talk is pretty mundane stuff.

Still, the fact that Itoi and Iwata are together and talking EarthBound has to count for SOMETHING right? RIGHT! *sigh*

If anything more comes of this I’ll let you know, but for now you can keep an eye on the EarthBound 3 Itoi interview translator page for when it is updated with the actual interview text.

And now for a very interesting EarthBound video!

Here is the classic EarthBound intro!


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