The Sims 3 simulates people for 3DS launch. First trailer

The 3DS offers new perspectives for The Sims 3. Chef time!
The Sims 3 is a launch title for the Nintendo 3DS, marking the first time the enormously popular people simulation series has ever graced the opening moments of a system’s life. The game surely fills the 3DS launch lineup very nicely by offering a title that everyone loves and nearly everyone has played in some form.

New to the 3DS version, outside of glasses-free stereoscopic 3D graphics, is the ability to create a sim that looks more like you than ever before by using the facial recognition features of the 3DS in tandem with the 3DS camera to take a picture of yourself and have the game generate a Sim that looks just like you! From there you can do what you will with the creation, modifying it or leaving it as is. You can change your looks with different hairstyles, facial features, and outfits all using the Nintendo 3DS stylus and touch-screen navigation for easy selecting.

Not only can you create Sims that look more like you and your friends, you can even share your created Sims with anyone within range of you using the 3DS “StreetPass” feature.

“We’ve created a game for the Nintendo 3DS platform that includes everything players love about The Sims like build and buy mode, Create a Sim and more in order for them to have the richest experience possible in a 3D environment,” said Scott Evans, General Manager of The Sims Studio. “The Nintendo 3DS system is a highly anticipated launch for players across the globe, and we’re ecstatic that The Sims 3 will be one of the first games available for people to play.”

For the first time on a handheld system for The Sims 3, players will be able to go visit new areas away from their lot. The zones are areas that give players different destinations to explore like a gym, library and museum and each one has full buildable lots and community features to go along with them.

Karma Powers, new to The Sims 3, enable players to create beauty or be devious with their Sims’ lives. By tilting their systems, players can be mischievous and cause their Sims challenges or they can watch bags of money fall from the sky that will give their Sims all the material items they could desire. Using the handheld, players will love the ability to either cause a stink storm or release a bevy of butterflies merely by blowing into it.

Here is the debut trailer for The Sims 3 on 3DS.

Key features of The Sims 3 include:

  • Create Sims in your likeness!
  • Unlock all-new Karma Powers.
  • Travel to Different Zones with Your Sims!
  • Trade your Sims with your friends!