Lego Star Wars 3 Walkthrough Video Guide (Wii, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

Bonus Missions

So after all those missions you’ll only be about 35% complete so there is tons more Lego fun in store for you, and there are 2 extra hidden story missions available so let’s take a look at them.

Hostage Crisis

Hostage crisis sees us playing a group of bounty hunters set on freeing the Hutt from jail, the bonus of completing this mission is that you will unlock the bounty hunter missions and those are also worth a gold brick each and great fun to play.

For the hostage Crisis level, you will need to get your hands on a bounty hunter.

You will be able to find Cad Bane while walking around.

You will need to use Robonino to lift the bridge for you, once you have made it across the bridge, you will need to use your Bounty Hunter to open the next door.

Head threw the hall, and make your way to the panel. You will need to select Castle of Doom.

Use your sniper to take out the blue enemies located on the platform in front of you.

Use Robonino to move the ship.

Once you have taken down all the blue guys, you will come to a short cut scene and land on the platform.

Keep shoot at these blue enemies.

You will need to blow up two of the silver panels at the entrance. This entrance is located on the red carpet.

Once you have all the panel pieces, you will need to put them together and use Robonino to head activate them.

Head through the door and attack more of the blue enemies.

You will need to get your hands on another helmet. Once you have activated the panel, head through the door and you will need to use your bombs to take down the red pipes. Once you have removed the red pipes, you will need to rebuild them.

When you have completed the pipes section, head to the beds. You will need to jump onto the beds. This will give you two panels that will change the red panels to blue panels.

Once you have completed that section, you will need to pick up another blue helmet.

When you get into the next room, you will be greeted by some more blue enemies.

Make your way to the end of the room, there will be four boxes you need to build. You will also need to blow up everything in this room. Blowing things up will give you more pieces for the boxes.

Once you have completed all four boxes, you will need to push them forward to restore the blue glowing power.

Once you have restored the blue glow, back track. You will need to take down some more blue enemies. Using your helmet to access a panel. You will then need to change to Robonino to activate the panel.

Once you have activated the panel, you will need to move the box from one side to the other.

You will activate a disco platform! This completes the level.

Castle of Doom

The Castle of Doom is another bonus mission that can be found in the wizards tower, it’s on the right side of the landing pad on the dark side. So let’s get going and go save baby Hutt or Rotta as he’s known.

You will need to use someone from the Dark Side to lift up the bridge. You will be able to use an R2-D2 type droid for example.

Head into the left and make your way to the panel and select Tatooine Castle of Doom.

Using Robonino to attack and rebuild the panels on the sides of the broken door.

Head through the door and attack the green creatures.

Using the force, you will need to build the burger! Move the bun first and put the burger in the correct order.

You will need to fight your way through the green creatures.

Jump onto the burger and activate the panel.

Head through the newly opened door, using your lightsaber, you will need to smash everything up!

Use your force to rebuild the shrapnel.

Once you have rebuilt the shrapnel, you will need to throw your lightsaber at the weak chain that is holding a block to the ceiling.

Head on over to the switch and turn pull the lever. You will then need to use Robonino to activate the panel, this will send the ship like thing crashing into the larger ship.

Then head on over to the new shrapnel and rebuild it!

Once you have fixed the ship, you will need to move the large cage. Destroying the cage, use it’s shrapnel to build your ship.

Once you have completed your ship, you will need to use Robonino to activate the panel.

Jump onto your ship and power forward! You will need to smash through the gate. You will then be out in the desert once the cutscene is over.

You will need to build yourself a speeder, head to the cut out area, you will need to cut out a boulder! Build your speeder and jump in! Use your speeder and shoot everything! You will free three rocks. Place the rocks on top of one another and jump up to the upper level. You will need to make yourself another speeder, remember!! DO NOT LET GO OF THE BUTTON. YOU WILL HAVE TO START AGAIN!

Once you have built your speeder, you will need to place them onto the two orange pads. This will open a gate.

Once you have gone through the gate, you will be entering a boss level.

Jumping into the speeder, you will need to head to the space ship and smash the large red cross. You will need to activate the panel using Robonino.

First you will need to attack the Lady Jedi, once she drops her lightsaber, you will need to pick it up and attack them. You will need to do this a couple of times, until they have no more hearts left.

Bounty Hunter Missions

How do I find the Bounty Hunter Missions?

To begin the Bounty Hunter Missions you must complete the Hostage Crisis level, to reach this area make sure you are on the dark side’s ship. As soon as you land there, purchase Cad Bane – he will be walking around – and Count Dooku.

Now walk over to the left of the landing area you will see a red brick floating, use Count Dooku’s Dark force to lift a bridge that’s underneath the red brick cross the bridge and make sure you bring Cad Bane with you as you’ll need him to activate the bounty hunter panel.

Once you’ve opened the panel you will come across a console with a large flashing “!” this is the hostage crisis mission, complete this mission and you will free the Hutt who will now be sitting on his throne stand on the pressure plate in front of the Hutt and you will be able to select your chosen mission.

During these missions you will need to find the character named within the given time limit here’s a video showing 15 of the 16 available bounties( I still need to play a little more to unlock the last one) but all their locations are described in detail below thanks to Count Spankula.

Here are the locations of the first 16 of them, thanks to Count Spankula! For additional help with the characters you need in these missions, please look at our character unlocking guide in the index at the top of this page.

And if that’s not enough help for you, please request us to make videos for these missions in the comments below… it’s the only way for us to know how we can make this walkthrough better. 🙂

1. R2D2 – Robonino is your man for this mission. Use him to activate the charge panel immediately to your left as you start. This will reveal a ‘small character crawlway’, which he rather handily fits inside. The crawlway takes him onto a balcony outside full of deckchairs. Artoo is at the far end.

2. Yoda – Evil, sneaky green man took me ages to find, but it’s sooooo simple once you know where he is. Ignore all the tanks and droids, just run straight to the far end of the canyon. Behind the last tank, to the left is a large silver ball. Yoda is tucked away in there with only the glow of his lightsabre to give him away.

3. Padme – Again, don’t fight the droids. Switch to the protocol bounty hunter (tall, thin, gold droid) and run all the way down the tunnel. At the fork go left and activate the protocol droid panel, which causes the big round door to roll away. Just on the right there is a door that opens… into a bar – hurrah! Padme is back left at the jukebox. My mum warned me about girls like her…

4. Anakin – You will need to use a flying character and the tall, thin, black droid for this (he can use astromech panels). Run to the end of the corridor. Drop down. To your right is the first astromech panel. Fly over, switch to the droid and activate the panel to call the train. Ignore the droids, walk over the train and repeat the process with the second panel. After the train there is a big gap which you’ll have to fly over. After landing turn left and run straight down. There are 4 droids to get in your way and just beyond them, Anakin.

5. Captain Rex – Very easy. Build the crane using the bits of your broken ship. You may want to toss a thermal detonator at the commando droids as they can be a pain, but don’t let it slow you down. Use your grapple on the crane. As you descend look to the top left of the screen and you will see Rex failing completely at hide and seek. Fly over the gap, avoid the snake monster and voila!

6. Plo Koon – Use the boosters that are immediately to your left as you start the mission, to take you down to the lower level. Land your ship on the landing pad. To your right you will be able to see an escape pod. Plo Koon is behind that pod in the far right corner fighting a droid.

7. Aayla Secura – This mission has very little time, so don’t hang about! You will need to access the secret landing pad. fly straight to the big ship on the right, ignore all the visible landing pads. Fly around the command deck (the bit sticking up from the main body) which will cause it to explode, revealing a landing pad. Aayla is hanging about outside the toilets – to the right of the three stalls. My DAD warned me about girls like her…

8. Obi Wan Kenobi – Fly to the farthest landing pad on the ship to the left of the screen. Land your ship. Switch to Robonino and use him to access the crawl space near the pad. Obi Wan is hiding down here.

9. Ahsoka – At the start of the mission go left, climb onto the ledge with the blue Jedi symbol on it, go left along this ledge and jump to climb the rocks. Ahsoka is at the top.

10. Kit Fisto (mustn’t… make… obvious joke… GACH!!) – You need Jango Fett or Cad Bane for this as you need a flying character. Run/fly straight down the corridor to the well-lit, round room at the end. Fly over to the Bounty Hunter panel on the left of the room and activate it. Kit Fisto is in this room standing next to the pool table.

11. Bail Organa – Probably the most complex of all these missions: Get a blue helmet by killing one of the guards and use it to access the first panel. Kill all the guards in the newly accessible area, then smash all the boxes and panels at the rear of the room, and bounce on the two top bunks. This will give you all the bits of LEGO needed to reconstruct the power conduit. Once done the second ‘blue helmet panel’ will be active. Get another helmet if you need it and activate this panel. Bail Organa is in this room.

12. Waxer – Waxer is in the big LEGO box on the top left hand side of the wall in front of you. To get to him you need to destroy the silver column using thermal detonators. The first two pieces of the column can be done with any character, but to hit the third piece I had to jump off the rock immediately in front of the column with Cad Bane and hover. Then my thermal detonators could reach. Once all 3 pieces are destroyed, the box will fall to the ground and Waxer will appear.

13. Commander Cody – Easiest of the lot. Don’t bother fighting/destroying anything. Just head straight to the bottom right of the area. Cody is on the metal balcony.

14. Commander Ponds – Another ‘Run, don’t fight’ mission. Follow the tunnel, using the left fork in the first room. Ponds is in the second room along the right hand wall in a recess.

15. Luminara Unduli – Head down the dark tunnel. Dodge past the first rockfall and, when you get to the second that is blocking your way, destroy it. Carry on down the tunnel into a chamber that has an astromech panel on the left wall. Go through the gap in the rocks next to this panel. Luminara is in the room beyond in the far left.

16. Eeth Koth – Veeeerrryyy sneaky this one. Use thermal detonators on the window right next to where you start. Cracks will appear and on the 4th detonation, Eeth will jump out of a trapdoor in the floor next to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How to unlock the whole menu? How do you get the Separatist and Republic assault? Is there a cheat code?
Answer: The assault missions are the two hidden question marks listed in your main menu. These can be unlocked by moving to the battle vehicle stations, on either space ship light or darkside. To unlock the doors you will need a minimum of 25 gold bricks.

Question: I need to know how to unlock the Castle of Doom? I found the Crisis level but don’t know what to do next. In the Castle of Doom I have opened the door using the speeder to get about, what’s next?
Answer: The Castle of Doom is unlocked by collecting 30 gold bricks and opening the elevator on the right side of the dark side ship, it will show as a huge “!” on the console.

Question: Where do I get a Robonino? What is it?
Answer: Robonino is unlocked after completing the Castle of Doom mission. It’s not found during the regular story mode you must first fly over to the darkside then use R2-D2 to lift a crossing platform on the right hand side of the landing area, there’s a pile of gold bricks in front of an elevator use this and you will be taken up to a room that has a huge glowing “!” this will be the Castle of doom mission and you will unlock Robonino after completing the mission.

Question: How do I unlock one of the baddies AKA Bounty Hunters that moves all the red power stuff? How do you drive evil ships or do evil missions?
Answer: Dark side vehicles and characters are available to purchase on the Invisible Hand the dark side spaceship. To reach here you must move to the hangar, select a spaceship like Anakin’s Jedi Fighter and fly across to the right hand side to reach the darkside entrance. From here you will be able to buy darkside characters and Cad Bane, who is the first available bounty hunter.

Question: Where can I put in the cheat codes if I can’t find it?
Answer: Press Pause and go to the extras menu from there select input code. Cheats for characters and red power bricks are all listed in our “Codes List” that’s linked to in the “Guides Index” at the top of this page.

Question: What’s new in Lego Star Wars 3: The Clone Wars?
Yoda is playable in Lego Star Wars 3 * New Story – For the first time, players will experience their favorite stories from Star Wars: The Clone Wars, retold in the amazing LEGO world that fans know and love.
* Massive Ground Battles – Brand new to the LEGO Star Wars experience, players will take control of battalions of clone troopers against the relentless droid army – building bases, deploying vehicles and calling in reinforcements to defeat opponents.
* SceneSwap – Authentic to the Star Wars experience, a new feature allows players to take control of multiple teams in separate locations. Working together to complete various objectives, players will control each team through the press of a button, while playing in single player or in multiplayer co-op modes.
* All New Boss Battles – For the first time in the LEGO Star Wars franchise, fans will fight against massive bosses as seen in The Clone Wars animated series, including Gor, the epic Zillo Beast and many other favorites.
* Multi-Layered Space Battles – Players will be able to take off in their favorite ships to navigate and fly through multi-layered combat throughout the galaxy.
* New Combat Abilities – Characters will have more dynamic moves allowing players greater freedom to battle their opponents. Characters will also have new lightsaber abilities including Lightsaber Cutting, Lightsaber Throwing, and Lightsaber Climbing. The game will also feature new grappling abilities allowing players to climb their way through puzzles and defeat enemies.
* Explore the Galaxy – Players will be able to explore exotic locations in a variety of ships throughout 16 different star systems. Fans will play as villainous separatists, the noble Republic heroes or even as bounty hunters, tracking down characters across the galaxy.
* Expanded Force Abilities – Using the Force in all new ways to control LEGO objects, players will solve puzzles, access new areas, pick up and throw enemies – even turning them into weapons.
* Brand New Clone Weapons, Vehicles and Characters – New clone weapons including rapid fire guns and rocket launchers, as well as all new massive capital ships to explore, such as Anakin Skywalker’s flagship the Resolute and Grievous’ devastating warship, the Malevolence. Players will also navigate through the galaxy in new vehicles such as the Republic gunship, Clone Turbo Tank and even Anakin’s Jedi Intercepter and the Twilight. Fans will also discover their favorite classic characters such as Darth Vader, Chewbacca and Luke Skywalker.
* Puzzle Solving – The game will feature all new puzzles that reward creative thinking through the use of teamwork and unique building situations only possible in a LEGO galaxy far, far away.
* All New Lighting and Animations – A brand new engine brings characters to life, giving players a whole new level of control in a vibrant environment, unlike anything ever seen before in a LEGO game.
* Split Screen – Improved dynamic split screen for multi-player co-op with jump in/jump out abilities for friends and families to play together.

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