Lego Star Wars 3 characters list. How to unlock and buy secret characters (Guide)

22 March 2011
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Yoda Lego Star Wars 3 characters artwork
Over 130 Lego Star Wars 3 video game characters from the large cast of both the films and the hit-animated series will be playable in Traveller’s Tales latest action-adventure in the best-selling Lego Star Wars series, and the first to be built for Wii, Xbox 360, PS3, PC, PSP, DS and 3DS.

Index of Lego Star Wars 3 Guides:

How to buy & unlock secret characters: While in the Hub Level there will be other characters walking around. The Resolute Starship is the name of this Hub Area you start out at. The characters walking around are always changing, so as you walk around you’ll meet different characters. If you have not purchased that character yet when you walk into them, then the game displays the purchase bubble. When you see the buying bubble — and if you have collected enough Studs in-game — you can then press the B button on Xbox 360 (or Circle button on PS3) and he/she gets unlocked and added to your list of characters. Next, press the Y button on Xbox 360 (or Triangle button on PS3) to swap out to your newly unlocked character!

In this video I show you how to do character unlocking:

You might notice in the Hub area there’s just good guys walking around. Where are the dark side characters at? To find them, you have to go to the hanger and take a starship out to the other side to find another spaceship! It is called the Imperial Starship. Land there to find Sith and droids walking around for you to unlock.

Next, I show you how to unlock Dark Side & Bounty Hunter characters:

The following list of characters includes all types, from people to droids to creatures, all of which will be playable in the final game. Although this is a pretty full list, there may still be a character here or there that is missing. Spot any?

Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars Characters that are playable in alphabetical order:

1. Aayla Secura Unlock Code: 2VG95B
2. Adi Gallia Unlock Code:G2BFEN
3. Admiral Ackbar (Classic) Unlock Code:272Y9Q
4. Admiral Yularen Unlock Code:NG6PYX
5. Ahsoka Unlock Code:2VJ9TH
6. Anakin Skywalker (Geonosian Arena) – Unlock Code:9AA4DW
7. Anakin Skywalker Unlock Code: F9VUYJ
8. Asajj Ventress Unlock Code:YG9DD7 How to Unlock: Buy for 50,000 Studs. Found on the Imperial Starship
9. Aurra Sing Unlock Code:M2V1JV
10. Bail Organa Unlock Code:GEHX6C
11. Barriss Offee Unlock Code: BTVTZ5
12. Battle Droid Unlock Code:5Y7MA4 How to Unlock: Buy for 10,000 Studs. Found on the Imperial Starship
13. Battle Droid Commander –Unlock Code: LSU4LJ
14. Bib Fortuna Unlock Code: 9U4TF3
15. Bobba Fett (Classic) Unlock Code:TY2BYJ
16. Boil Unlock Code: Q5Q39P
17. Bossk Unlock Code: 2KLW5R
18. C-3PO Unlock Code:574226
19. Cad Bane Unlock Code: NHME85 How to Unlock: Buy for 50,000 Studs. Found on the Imperial Starship
20. Captain Antilles (Classic) Unlock Code:D8SNGJ
21. Captain Rex Unlock Code: MW3QYH
22. Captain Typho Unlock Code: GD6FX3 How to Unlock: Buy for 10,000 Studs. Found on the Resolute Starship
23. Chancellor Palpatine Unlock Code: 5C62YQ
24. Chewbacca (Classic) Unlock Code: 66UU3T
25. Clone Pilot Unlock Code: HQ7BVD How to Unlock: Buy for 15,000 Studs. Found on the Resolute Starship
26. Clone Shadow Trooper (Classic) Unlock Code: 7GFNCQ
27. Clone Trooper Unlock Code:NP5GTT
28. Commander Bly Unlock Code:7CB6NS
29. Commander Cody Unlock Code:SMN259
30. Commander Fil Unlock Code:U25HFC
31. Commander Ponds Unlock Code:JRPR2A
32. Commando Droid Unlock Code:QEGU64
33. Commando Stone Unlock Code: 5XZQSV
34. Count Dooku Unlock Code: EWR7WM How to Unlock: Buy for 250,000 Studs. Found on the Imperial Starship
35. Darth Maul (Classic) Unlock Code:QH68AK
36. Darth Sidius (Classic) Unlock Code: QXY5XN
37. Darth Vader (Classic) Unlock Code: FM4JB7
38. Darth Vader Battle Damaged (Classic) Unlock Code:NMJFBL
39. Destroyer Droid Unlock Code:9MUTS2
40. Dr Nuvo Vindi Unlock Code: MB9EMW
41. Dwarf Spider Droid Unlock Code:NACMGG
42. Echo Unlock Code:JB9E5S How to Unlock: Buy for 25,000 Studs. Found on the Resolute Starship
43. Eeth Koth Unlock Code:WUFDYA
44. Gammorean Guard Unlock Code: WSFZZQ
45. General Grievous Unlock Code:7FNU4T
46. Geonosian Guard Unlock Code:GAFZUD
47. Geonosian Solar Sailor Unlock Code: PJ2U3R
48. Gold Super Battle Droid Unlock Code: 2C8NHP
49. Gonk Droid Unlock Code: C686PK
50. Grand Moff Tarkin Unlock Code:NH2405
51. Greedo (Classic) Unlock Code: FUW4C2
52. Hailfire Droid Unlock Code: T7XF9Z
53. Han Solo (Classic) Unlock Code: KFDBXF
54. Heavy Super Battle Droid Unlock Code: G65KJJ
55. Heavy Weapons Clone Trooper Unlock Code: WXUTWY
56. HELIOS 3D Unlock Code: 4AXTY4 How to Unlock: Buy for 25,000 Studs. Found on the Imperial Starship
57. Hevy Unlock Code: EUB8UG
58. Hondo Hohnaka Unlock Code: 5A7XYX
59. IG-86 Unlock Code:EABPCP
60. Imperial Guard (Classic) Unlock Code:5W6FGD
61. Jango Fett Unlock Code:5KZQ4D
62. Jar Jar Binks Unlock Code: MESPTS
63. Jek Unlock Code:AYREC9
64. Ki-Adi-Mundi Unlock Code: HGBCTQ
65. Kit Fitso Unlock Code:PYWJ6N
66. Lando Calrissian (Classic) Unlock Code: ERAEWE
67. LEP Servent Droid Unlock Code:SM3Y9B
68. Lieutenant Thire Unlock Code: 3NEUXC
69. Lok Durd Unlock Code: TKCYUZ
70. Luke Skywalker (Classic) Unlock Code:PG73HF
71. Luminara Uunduli Unlock Code: MKUYQ8
72. Lurman Villager Unlock Code: R35Y7N How to Unlock: Buy for 10,000 Studs. Found on the Resolute Starship
73. Luxury Droid Unlock Code: V4WMJN
74. Mace Windu Unlock Code:8NVRWJ
75. MagnaGuard Unlock Code:2KEF2D
76. MSE-6 Unlock Code:S6GRNZ How to Unlock: Buy for 6,000 Studs. Found on the Resolute Starship
77. Nahdar Vebb Unlock Code: ZKXG43
78. Neimoidian Unlock Code:BJB94J
79. Nute Gunray Unlock Code: QFYXMC
80. Obi-Wan Kenobi (Classic) Unlock Code: FFBU5M
81. Obi-Wan Kenobi (Geonosian Arena) Unlock Code:5U9FJK
82. Obi-Wan Kenobi Unlock Code: J9HNF9
83. OG-9 Homing Spider Droid Unlock Code: 7NEC36
84. Onaconda Farr Unlock Code:DB7ZQN
85. Padme Amidala (Geonosian Arena) Unlock Code: SZ824Q
86. Padme Amidala Unlock Code: 8X87U6
87. Pirate Ruffian Unlock Code:BH2EHU
88. Plo Koon Unlock Code:BUD4VU
89. Poggle The Lesser Unlock Code: 4592WM
90. Princess Leia (Classic) Unlock Code: 2D3D3L
91. Probe Droid Unlock Code:U2T4SP
92. Queen Neeyutnee Unlock Code: ZQRN85 How to Unlock: Buy for 25,000 Studs. Found on the Resolute Starship
93. Qui-Gon Jinn (Classic) Unlock Code: LKHD3B
94. R2-D2 Unlock Code:RZ5HUV
95. R3-S6 Unlock Code:Z87PAU
96. R4-P17 Unlock Code:5MXSYA How to Unlock: Buy for 25,000 Studs. Found on the Resolute Starship
97. R6-H5 Unlock Code:7PMC3C How to Unlock: Buy for 30,000 Studs. Found on the Resolute Starship
98. Rebel Commando (Classic) Unlock Code: PZMQNK
99. Robonino Unlock Code: 2KLW5RHow to Unlock: Buy for 50,000 Studs. Found on the Imperial Starship
100. Rys Unlock Code: 4PTP53
101. Savage Opress Unlock Code:MELL07
102. Senate Commando (Republic) –Unlock Code: S4Y7VW
103. Senate Commando Unlock Code:EPBPLK
104. Senator Kharrus Unlock Code: EA4E9S
105. Senator Philo Unlock Code:9Q7YCT
106. Shahan Alama Unlock Code:G4N7C2
107. Sionver Boll Unlock Code: 5C62YQ
108. Slave I Unlock Code: KDDQVD
109. Stormtrooper (Classic) Unlock Code:HPE7PZ
110. Super Battle Droid Unlock Code: MJKDV5
111. Tee Watt Kaa Unlock Code: FYVSHD How to Unlock: Buy for 15,000 Studs. Found on the Resolute Starship
112. Turk Falso Unlock Code:HEBHW5
113. Tuscan Raider (Classic) Unlock Code:GC2XSA
114. TX-20 Unlock Code: PE7FGD
115. Undead Geonosian Unlock Code: QGENFD
116. Vader’s Apprentice (Classic) AKA Starkiller / Star Killer Unlock Code: EGQQ4V
117. Vulture Droid Unlock Code: 7W7K7S
118. Wag Too Unlock Code:VRUVSZ
119. Wat Tambor Unlock Code: ZP8XVH
120. Waxer Unlock Code:BNJE79
121. Wedge Antilles (Classic) Unlock Code:DRGLWS
122. Whorm Loathsom Unlock Code: 4VVYQV
123. Workout Clone Trooper Unlock Code: MP9DRE
124. Yoda Unlock Code: CSQTMB

Please leave a comment if you see missing characters and know how to find them. Thanks!


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