Crysis 2 Weapons List

Crysis 2 features over 20 weapons
Our Crysis 2 weapons list shows you all of the weapons that you’ll encounter and can use in this highly anticipated first-person shooter sequel.

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There are over 20 weapons that you can find and use in Crysis 2. Here is a full list.

Weapons List

1. C4
2. DSG-1 (Sniper Rifle): This firearm has a 8 (+1) shot magazine but has been upgraded to a semi-automatic in Crysis 2.
3. Feline (Submarine Gun): This SMB firearm is a bullpup with a 60 (+1) round magazine that is very similar to the real life assault rifle FN F2000.
4. Fists (Standard Melee only)
5. Frag Grenade (Explosive): A change to the Frag Grenade from Crysis 1 is that you can now throw it whilst holding a weapon in the other hand. The launch reticule mirrors that of the L-TAG but flipped upside down.
6. Grendel (Assault Rifle): This powerful gun is a 30-round 3-shot battle rifle resembling the Magpul Masada. Although this gun contains a thicker barrel and larger magazine.
7. Hammer (Sidearm): This sidearm is a Heavy Semi-Automatic Pistol with a 9 (+1) rounds per magazine.
8. JAW Rocket Launcher: This Rocket Launcher features only a single round. Aim carefully!
9. Jackal (Shotgun): The Jackal is a Semi-Automatic Shotgun with a 7 (+1) round box magazine.
10. K-Volt (Submarine Gun): This firearm is an Electric Pellet SMG, similar in visual style to the TDI Vector.
11. Knife (Stealth Kills only)
12. L-TAG (Grenade Launcher): This weapon is a 6-shot Heavy Weapon that resembles the M79 Grenade Launcher.
13. M12 Nova (Sidearm): This looks to be based on the SOCOM from Crysis 1. It features a 20 (+1) round magazine, which is quite large.
14. Majestic Pistol (Sidearm)
15. Marshall (Shotgun): This pump-action firearm is based on the previous game’s Shotgun from Crysis 1.
16. Mk60 (Heavy Weapon): This Machine Gun was revealed in the Multiplayer demo and looks to resemble the M60E4.
17. Mounted Machine Gun (Detachable Heavy Weapon): This detachable gun resembles the 20mm Machine Gun from the spin-off game, Crysis Warhead.
18. SCAR (Assault Rifle): SCAR is the short form of “Mk.20 Superior Combat Assault Rifle”. This powerful gun can hold up to 40 (+1) rounds in one magazine. The SCAR is the standard Assault Rifle of this game’s military.
19. Smoke Grenade
20. X-43 Microwave Induced Klystron Emitter


You also will have access to the following attachments for weapons.

1. Laser Sight
2. Gauss Attachment
3. Small Shotgun Attachment
4. Grenade Launcher
5. Reflex Sight
6. Assault Scope
7. Sniper Scope
8. Silencer
9. Holographic Decoy

This Crysis 2: Story Trailer shows some of the weapons in action!

It’ll be interesting to see what other weapons are in the game once it’s released.

What’s your favorite weapon for Crysis 2?