How to catch and where to find Victini in Pokemon Black and White (DS)

6 March 2011
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Victini Pokemon Black and White artwork Legendary special
Victini is the Pokemon Black and White special hidden/secret Pokemon who can not normally be captured within the game; Just like previous special Pokemon such as Mew, Celebi and Deoxys.

In order to find Victini, you will need to connect to the Internet via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection starting March 6th and ending April 10, 2011. Only during this time frame will you be able to download the Liberty Pass item which is the key Event Item needed to unlock Victini. If you miss your chance to catch him, you may not ever get another chance (officially).

Once you have downloaded the Liberty Pass item, you’ll need to reach a certain point in the game before you can use it to catch Victini. Don’t worry if you haven’t reached that point yet, you can download the item from the beginning and still use it later on, as long as you don’t use it after the April 10th deadline. Or then it won’t work.

Victini Liberty Pass Pokemon Black and White Wi-Fi Connection downloadable special item artwork

Catching Victini

Once you have downloaded the Liberty Pass, you can ride a tour boat which you’ll find at the docks of Castelia City.

Victini Castelia City Tour Boat Pokemon Black & White screenshot (DS)

Hitch a ride from Castelia City to Liberty Garden using the boat. Once you arrive at the Garden, you’ll find that something bad has happened….

Victini Liberty Garden screenshot Pokemon Black and White (DS)

This mysterious case will eventually lead you to the basement of the Lighthouse. A fitting spot for a fight, don’t you think?

Victini waits to battle at lighthouse basement in Liberty Garden. Pokemon Black and White screenshot

This is where Victini will be waiting for you!


Victini battle Pokemon Black and White screenshot - Victini Appeared!

Don’t worry if you accidentally defeat Victini or if you flee the battle, he will re-appear in the same spot again until you successfully catch him. Victini has a host of great moves for you to play around with.

Victini Moves List

Victini Moves List Pokemon Black and White
Victini will be at Level 15 when you first catch him, and he knows the following moves: Confusion, Incinerate, Quick Attack and Endure.

Victini Confusion Move screenshot (DS)
Confusion is a Psychic-type move that has a chance of confusing your target.

Victini Incinerate Move screenshot
Incinerate not only does damage, it also burns up the target’s held Berry.

Quick Attack
Victini Quick Attack Move screenshot (DS)
Quick Attack is a move that is sure to strike first.

Victini Endure Move screenshot (DS)
With Endure, the user will withstand any attack that would cause it to faint, leaving it with 1 HP.

Here is a video of Victini being caught in the Japanese version of Pokemon Black and White.


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