New 3D Super Mario 3DS game revealed. Fans swoon

Super Mario 3DS screenshots
Super Mario 3D has been officially announced for 3DS!

Although the game is title-less, it has been confirmed as in development by Nintendo who also revealed the first screenshots.

The new Mario game will fulfill the dream of Shigeru Miyamoto by applying real depth and distance to the game mechanics. In addition to featuring Mario running “into” the screen (I’m sure this will be done better than in Sonic Adventure. This is Nintendo, not Sega), the game will also include traditional Mario gameplay (like striking blocks that float in the air) and seems to have brought back some classic elements, like “small” and “Super” Mario.

The game is being heavily developed as we speak by the same team that made Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2. Since those games were of the highest pedigree and quality, we can expect the same from Super Mario 3D!

Here’s the video of Nintendo President Mr. Iwata announcing the game:

Are you excited for Super Mario 3DS?