De Blob 2 Walkthrough Video Guide (Wii, Xbox 360, PS3)

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Our de Blob 2 walkthrough will guide you through the beginning to ending moments of cutscenes and gameplay for this unique platforming sequel to the original hit Wii game. Now on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 as well!

In de Blob 2, Comrade Black is back and so is his war on color. Disguised as Papa Blanc, Comrade Black rigs the city’s election in order to win and take control of Prisma City with his brainwashing new cult. That is, until de Blob bounces back in full color-spreading force with his revolution to restore color and life back to the city and its residents.

In the colorful sequel, de Blob will paint his way through the enormous and pollution-filled Prisma City accompanied by an interactive soundtrack and an arsenal of new tricks to confound his enemies. Joining de Blob will be a new robot sidekick, named Pinky, who will help him blast enemies, disable traps, and negotiate the challenging levels of Prisma City. The game will also present players with new side quests, which allow players to upgrade de Blob’s abilities.

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De Blob 2 Walkthrough

Level 1: Paradise Island

The perfect vacation spot, famed for its natural colourfalls.

First you will need to collect all the color atoms to fire up the transform engine.

You will need to watch out as water will wash you clear.

You will need to paint the first bleached huts purple to gain your next transform engine.

You will be able to use your compass to find more challenges.

Style pick-ups will place a cool pattern on every building you paint.

You will need to paint the building the color is flashes.

Once you have painted all the beach huts, you will let loose all the Gradians

Head over to your first inspiration icon.

You will need to use the transform engine to enter your first 2D level.

Paradise Island: The Lighthouse Painting

Once you have left your 2D area, you will get to a large bleached area of the island.

Remember to pick up as many life pick ups as you can find!

Once you have made your way through the blenched area.( to the lighthouse) you will enter another 2D level.

Once you have made it to the top, you will need to recolour the lighthouse and open the gate.

Once you have competed the lighthouse task, there will be a blue light bulb icon. You will be able to spend your inspiration point here.

Remember, if you get stuck follow your arrow.

After a set of building is completely painted, you will free the gradians locked inside, after you have completed a large part of the industrial zone, you will haver completed your mission.

Paradise Island: Black’s Cannon

Once you have recoloured all the boats. You will be introduced to the super charge power up. Use this to destroy all the crates and forklifts.

Use your compass to find your next challenge, if you cant see the red ?

Once you have painted the two towers. You will be able to transform your way into Blacks lair, complete this short 2D level to finish off paradise island.

Move yourself to the Pinky icon to finish the level.

Level 2: Downtown

Down town Prisma City, crowed, polluted and busy. They could use a little colour.

To start off, you will need to find some colour. Follow your objective marker and make your way underground.

After you have activated all the switched underground, you will have activated all the paint pools in Prisma City.

Once you have activated the paint polls, go ahead and grab some colour and start painting the flashing bleached buildings.

Once you have completed a block of building the next block will be highlighted for you.

Once you have completely painted all the marked buildings, you will activate the transformation engine.

Now you will learn the wall run technique. You will need to use this to cross gaps.

You will then come across your first paint bot, you will need to slam then to steel their paint and begin to paint all the flashing buildings.

You will need to be on the look out for extra timer and style icons.

You will have to use your wall run to paint the next set of buildings, as they are covered in anti paint tiles.

Touching these is the same as getting wet, this will cause Blob to loose all of his colour.

Once you have finished, make your way to your next objective marker.

Pinky will teach you how to mix colours using the paint bots.

Downtown: Blanc Revolution

The next set of buildings will require you to paint them in a different colour. You will need to mix your paint to match the correct colour.

The next objective marker sees us helping a citizen of Prisma look for his lost son.

You will need to cover all the blanc followers to see if you are able to find him.

You will not be able to find him above ground, so make your way to the man hole which is located just outside the house.

This will start a new 2D level.

Once you have made your way back, you will need to make your way to the next objective.

Pinky will give you another wall running task, this is a pretty simple task. You will need to make your way across the billboards then head on over to your next objective.

The Prisma cinema will need to be restored. You will need to be coloured blue. Have a look around for the correct coloured paint bots.

You will need 30 paint points to enter the cinema.

Once you have activated all four colour points, you will be able to transform the cinema.

Downtown: Blanc Town

The next thing you will need to do is cross over to the docks to find out what your next mission holds.

Next you will come across the Leach bots, they will not be able to see you if you are clear.

Once you have destroyed all the Leach bots, you will be asked by a friendly citizen to repaint the local area.

Once you have completed your task, you will be introduced to another new enemy a Blanc. He will be able to jump on you if you are coloured.

They will come out of the blanc booths, you will need to destroy the two of them to move on.

Once you have cleared the area of Blanc’s, you will need to fill yourself up with paint blots then head on over to your next objective.

Pinky will next teach you about the rainbow paint power up. This allows blob to paint in the correct colour for the correct challenge. You will not use any of your paint points to need to change colour.

Your next objective is to retake the opera house.

After you have used your charge attacks on the cogs, you will be able to transform it.

After you have restored the opera house, you will have free roaming of the city. Otherwise make your way to Pinky’s icon to finish the level.

Thanks to Megs for writing down all the tips.

Level 3: BlancTown

BlancTown: Meet Zip

BlancTown: Fill In The Blancs

BlancTown: Destroy The Cult

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