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18 February 2011
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Halo 5 logo at Microsoft Australia
Inside Gaming has an exclusive scoop, HALO 5!

“But what happened to Halo 4?!” I hear you ask. EXACTLY.

When a British journalist took a tour of Microsoft Studios in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, he got quite the surprise when checking out some high-tech gadgets.

What was the surprise? Mysteriously, a logo for “Halo 5” with the words “Inside Halo 5” written under said icon appeared on the screen as he was being shown something on a projector.

What does this mean? Probably nothing, especially considering the fact that the next core Halo title would probably be labeled “Halo 4”, rumored to be subtitled “Halo 4: Forerunner” and NOT Halo 5, so it is way, way too early to be talking about Halo 5. Note particularly that Halo Reach was technically “Halo 0” not Halo 4.

But who knows, maybe they are already in the pre-planning or planning stages for Halo 5. Either way, pretty big “whoops!” on Microsoft’s part. And although it doesn’t really mean anything, it’s interesting nonetheless.

Here is the Inside Gaming video discussing the Halo 5 incident.


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