Let’s Play: Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation

14 February 2011
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Dragon Quest 6: Realms of Revelation artwork (DS)
Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation is now out for Nintendo DS, as the newest re-release for Nintendo’s portable.

The release of Dragon Quest 6 marks the first time this Super NES/Super Famicon classic has been released in America; 15 years after it hit Japan. The last entry in the “Zenith” saga that started with the DS re-release of Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen and continued with the DS re-release of Dragon Quest V: Hands of the Heavenly Bride. This is the final game in the Zenith “trilogy” and the last numbered game on a Nintendo system until last year’s “Dragon Quest IX”.

“THUD! You wake up, on the floor, disturbed by terrible dreams, and an epic battle gone horribly wrong.”

One day, you stumble upon the dream world of your dreams. Shortly after, a beautiful spirit pays you a visit, bringing with her startling news. Your peaceful and quiet world is suddenly not what it seems. A great mystery surrounds these two worlds, inexplicably intertwined. Meanwhile, the evil Dread Fiend threatens to bring darkness to the land. A great quest of courage and discovery awaits, as you uncover your role in solving this mystery. What revelations await you and your adventuring companions?

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