Duke Nukem Forever: Balls of Steel special collector’s edition announced

11 February 2011
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Duke Nukem: Balls of Steel special collector's edition screenshot
Duke Nukem Forever: Balls of Steel edition has been announced by publisher 2K Games and developer Gearbox!

The Duke Nukem Forever release date is on May 3, 2011 and along with the standard edition, fans of the most bombastic badass in the cosmos will have the pleasure of picking up a collector’s edition that comes with a ton of awesome exclusives!

Hail to the King with these awesome extras:

  • Collectible bust of the greatest alien ass-kicker of all-time.
  • Numbered, limited-edition certificate of authenticity.
  • 100-page hardcover book: The History, Legacy & Legend: Duke Nukem Forever Art from the Vault.
  • Duke Nukem Forever postcard series.
  • Duke Nukem Forever radioactive emblem sticker.
  • Duke Nukem Forever collectable comic book.
  • Duke Nukem Forever foldable paper craft.
  • Duke Nukem Forever poker chips.
  • Duke Nukem Forever mini-card deck.
  • Duke Nukem Forever radioactive emblem dice.
  • “Duke Nukem is one of the biggest and most recognizable brands in the interactive entertainment industry. Irreverent, politically incorrect, and uber macho, Duke Nukem is the perfect, uncompromising ass-kicking hero to remedy the overdose of today’s gaming archetypes. Duke brings his signature brand of babe-lovin’, cigar-smoking, beer-chugging and ass-kicking action as he saves the Earth and its babes from hordes of invading aliens. Where will you be when Duke Nukem Forever launches? Better mark your calendars, Duke’s legend is being told this May.”

    No pricing details announced yet, but the CE will be available for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. There is also a rumor making the rounds that the collector’s edition is limited to 2,000 units, but that sounds way, way too low… Either way, COME GET SOME!

    Here is a trailer for Duke Nukem Forever.


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