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3 February 2011
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Dungeon Lords walkthrough box artwork (PC, Mac)
This Dungeon Lords walkthrough will guide you through the beginning to ending moments of cutscenes and gameplay for this PC fantasy RPG from D.W. Bradley, developer Heuristic Park and publisher Dreamcatcher Interactive.

Dungeon Lords blends the depth of an epic fantasy RPG with the flexibility of an FPS-style control system. Gamers journey through a land of ancient castles and dungeon lairs to engage in real-time tactical combat with a variety of deadly foes. It’s not just about the battles though, as magic spells and hundreds of powerful weapons and artifacts play a role in the game.

The game features an abundance of personal missions and quests along with numerous characters to interact with. Players can customize an extensive variety of skills and special abilities for the hero, including race and class specializations. Dungeon Lords supports cooperative multiplayer for up to eight players.

Part 1 Intro and Beginning

Part 2 Sewerage

Part 3 Key Search

Part 4 Bridge Win

Part 5 Lifthebel

Part 6 Troll

Part 7 Troll Part 2

Part 8 Temple

Part 9 Augustus

Part 10 Celestine

Part 11 Gun Shop

Part 12 Catacombs

Part 13 Catacombs 2

Part 14 Catacombs 3

Part 15 Galdryns Horn

Part 16 Davenmor

Part 17 After Arintal

Part 18 Arrival In Arintal

Part 19 Path of the Tiger

Part 20 Niviels Tod

Part 21 Elders 1

Part 22 Elders 2

Part 23 Moonbeast

You are introduced to a moonbeast, as well as your first harrowbark walkers and ‘mushmen’, all within and surrounding the ‘Lost Lake’, aka ‘Great Northern Lake’ north of Arindale.

Part 24 Krugus

Here we defeat the mage Krugus, completing our battlemage initiation quest. Then we head toward Arindale, the City of Elves.

Part 25 Toward Arindale

After defeating the outlaw mage Krugus, we continue toward Arindale. We then take on the ‘Path of the Tiger’, which is imperative to advance. We end up at the Arindale Inn.

Part 26 Path of the Tiger Narako Misume

Here we begin the ‘path of the tiger’ by talking to Narako Misume at the Inn. Then we complete the Fighter’s Guild.

Part 27 Elvithra Mavolin

Here, after talking to Elvithra Mavolin, we purchase new armor and weapons, including an elven bloodsword.

Part 28 Demon Wall

Here you get a glimpse of the Demon Wall, or the wall wich holds the last level of the game, the ‘Demon Realm’, as well as a couple succubuses and a Kalkydra. Then we begin the task of clearing the way between Fargrove and Arindale, the other way than which we came, by seeking ‘ordained favor’ from a tower in Lake Lohr. Be sure and pay attention to my actions and listen so you know where I am and what to do!

Part 29 Ordained Favor

In this vid we acquire Ordained Favor, as well as fight off a bunch of mushmen, discover our first underwater treasure chest (that I let you see anyway) and take on the ‘Malokan the Fiend’ quest from Uriel Dane within the elven dividing wall. BE SURE AND READ ALL THE DIALOGUE IN THIS GAME, it’s very important to understand what’s going on! I urge you to do this, and not just do what I do without reading!

Part 30 Wandering Elf

Here you will meet Erlenmir, the ‘wandering elf’ that will ask you to find his flask that was stolen from him in a ‘dream’. Then we will take on that chore and you will meet L’cuta Flamebone, the goblin who stole it and I will show you where her and her pyro helpers are. Mind you, I don’t have every spelling memorized ๐Ÿ™‚

Part 31 Erlinmir

Here you meet your first fire drake, as well as give Erlinmir his flask. You may want to just fast-forward to where I give Erlinmir his flask because pretty much the rest is me simply looking for him. There are a couple battles if you want to watch…and I eat loud ๐Ÿ˜›

Part 32 Fire Drakes

Here we basically just fight fire drakes. I show you how I usually sneak up on the one to the far left but am attacked out of nowhere.

Part 33 Level 8 Treasure Chest

You watch me pick off my first fire drake and I show you where there’s a lvl 8 treasure chest.

Part 34 Dragon Egg

Here we give the dragon egg to the House of the Tiger in Arindale to gain a new heraldry. Then we begin the long task of running back to Fargrove (against the plot of the game) to acquire the moon glyphs and become a battlemage. We’ll pick up in Fargrove next.

Part 35 Fargrove

Here we begin in Fargrove and are promoted to Battlemage, as well as take our first moonstone trip. Then we head to Arindale and the Feind Malokan as well.

Part 36 Malokan Fiend

Here all we do is defeat the Fiend Malokan and a few carrion wyrms. After you kill him he will drop a piece of ‘dark jewelry’ and you need to take it back to Uriel Dane within the elven border wall. I will pick up there.

Part 37 Uriel Dane

Here we give Uriel Dane the amulet and head back to Arindale. Then we begin the Trial of Ancient Elders, which you must complete in order to take on the task of retrieving the Argalia of Eldyron, and thus gain acess to the great wizard Emmindor.

Part 38 Templar Knights

Here we leave the first room, conquor the second and end in the third. Loot the treasure chests in the 2nd room to find all 4 ‘stone of fours’ and activate the 4 rune glyphs. Then you advance to the third ‘water bridge’ room, where you defeat spawning spirit archers and Templar Knights, as well as the Elder Master. The masters are worth ALOT of adv. points, so they are worth taking the time to kill.

Part 39 Trial of Ancient Elders

Here we basically battle the last remaining room in the trial of Ancient Elders. This is the toughest room by far, if you don’t have your settings settings on ‘easy’ :). You basically fight off all the spawning archers, knights and wizards until you’re done. And I DIE in the end! Why do I keep dying in this walkthrough, I promise I don’t normally.

Part 40 Lord Galebraind

Here we leave the Trial of Ancient Elders and get passage to Ulm from Lord Galebriand.

Part 41 Ulm

Here we enter Ulm and begin our search for the Argalia of Elderon (spell check?). After being attacked by fathien elves and elites we need to defeat both fathien ‘bosses’, Demus fathien and myrus Fathien to acquire both keys you need for this quest.

Part 42 Vetrian

Here we rescue Vetrian from his cell, and head toward Demus Fathien to acquire the next key in order to get the Armor.

Part 43 Demus Fathien

Here we defeat Demus Fathien and head down to the lower level of Ulm where the Argalia of Eldyron is

Part 44 Argalia of Edylron

Here we defeat the spawning sketetons and cheat the banshee out of spawning, as well as acquire the Argalia of Edylron. Then we just make our way out of Ulm and back to Arindale.

Part 45 Tower of Emmindor

Here we collect all the spoils from our accomplishment and enter the Tower of Emmindor

Part 46 Great Wizard

Here we finally get audience with the Great Wizard Emmindor. Remember Volgar will appear after you talk with Emmindor the first time and you must evoke Galdryn’s Horn to make him leave. Then we take on Emmindor’s quest to place the horn in the chamber of spirits. After recieving Galdryn’s message (read it all!) then we head back to Arindale to tell Emmindor what we’ve learned.

Part 47 Captain Okatta

After an update, I show you how Fargrove has been taken over by Captain Okatta and his men. After being escorted into Lord Davenmore’s manor, and getting the black key from Gemmini Rickits, I am attacked by an archmage and a bunch of Okatta’s men.

Part 48 Barrowgrim

Here we just fight off a bunch of Barrowgrim soldiers. Then I show you the dungeon and where Lord Davenmore is being held captive.

Part 49 Slums

Here I leave Davenmore’s castle and show you the slums. If you want me to take on the Guild of Mystery’s ‘Custard Mansion’ quest, please let me know and I’ll make a movie of it.

Part 50 Fargrove

Here we leave Fargrove on the West gate road, climb onto the mountains and head to the northlands moonbridge to get the rune signs so we don’t have to later.

Part 51 Moonbridge

Here we get the rune signs from the nothlands moonbridge, I show you Grymlok’s Tower and then we head southward toward the Harrow Ruins and Skuldoon.

Part 52 Mara

Here we meet Mara at the Harrow Ruins, then journey southwest to skulldoon.

Part 53 Vartugg

Here we head southwest to Skulldoon, and meet Vartugg who we give Mara’s letter to, and in return grants us passage to the Forbidden Lands, as well as gives us our next quest.

Part 54 Big Bad Mog

Here We take on a quest to defeat ‘Big Bad Mog’ and his gang and retrieve the secret codex, as well as meet Staroxia which is imperative to advance!

Part 55 Totem of the Tree

Here we head south to the thrall camp to acquire the ‘Totem of the Tree’. We also run into Big Bad Mog and his gang.

Part 56 Thrall Camp

Here we leave the thrall camp and head to the moonbridge up north.

Part 57 Heading to Draedoth Temple

After traveling all the way up to the forbidden land’s moonbridge and acquiring the rune signs, we head southward again to climb the mountains and head toward the Draedoth Temple.

Part 58 Draedoth Temple

Here we finally enter the Draedoth Temple and I lead you through the first part in which we acquire the (skull Key?), which is the key to unlock the gate facing the ‘Elemental of Evil’. We also aquire the (Deamon Helm?)..you will see it on me in the next video. Sorry about the bad fighting, for some reason my character didn’t seem up to par…could be that I’m not even in the lvl 20’s? May be some bad gameplay from the player as well ๐Ÿ˜› Anyway, enjoy!

Part 59 Hellcat

Here we defeat the next brimstone hellcat and head upstairs to defeat the ‘Elemental of Evil’ as well as a few other enemies, and acquire the next key we need. Again, sorry about all the bad fighting on my part!

Part 60 Relic

Here we basically face a bunch of enemies with a ton of magic and fire spells, as well as continue toward the final relic area which we get to in the next vid!

Part 61 Shield of Retribution

Here we enter the final relic area and gather the 4 demon stones we need to get the relic of power (shield of retrobution). You can also get demon stones where Khad’s domain is, but I personally like to just get them out in the first part of the relic area. Next we will take on Khad!

Part 62 Khad

Here we defeat Boloroth, Khad and a few random enemies and kalkydras. We also put all 4 demon stones in the Claws of Khad to obtain the second relic of power (first being Galdryn’s Horn).

Part 63 Main Temple

Here we basically fight off the enemy spawns on either side of Khad’s platform and I show you where to get back to the main temple.

Part 64 Heading to Dungeon of Moors

We have completed the Draedoth Temple and we are now heading to the Dungeon of the Moors to defeat it as well.

Part 65 Naga

Here, after getting a bit lost, we finally reach the Dungeon of the Moors, where I introduce you to the Naga.

Part 66 Colossus of Myrza

Here we fight the Colossus of Myrza, free some captured guards and take a tour of the mechanical trap room.

Part 67 Naga Temple East

Here we enter the eastern half of the Naga Temple and fight a bunch of enemies including 2 fire gazers. Then we head down the hall to the ‘bridge puzzle’ where you have to hit levers in a certain order…which I screw up royal on! However I did do it right, right after the camera was off. haha. Next vid!

Part 68 Spawning Room

Here we finally get across the dumb bridge, survive a few mechanical traps and enter the Naga spawning room. After we defeat that we head toward Valdane Graemare’s cell across the collapsing floor and I forgot the key so it will be in the next vid!

Part 69 Hall of Fire

Here we become fireproof to run across the ‘hall of fire’ to fight off abunch of Naga and Naga Fire Spitters….we are on our way to getting the key to Valdane’s Cell.

Part 70 Demon Key

Here we defeat all those Naga and acquire the ‘Demon Key’ which is used in the ‘Tomb of Souls’. Then we run around aimlessly looking for Valdane’s cell….why don’t I know where I’m going??

Part 71 Valdane

Here we rescue Valdane and head through the gas maze and to the room where you fight some fire gazers and Naga.

Part 72 Gas Mask

After acquiring the ‘gas mask’, we head to the dungeon ghoul trap room as well as acquire the ‘eye of the sigil’ which we use to activate the portal to the Naga relic area.

Part 73 Neffertiris

Bodily functions! You gotta love ’em. Watch this and you’ll know what I mean XD…anywhoo, here we face-off with the queen…she kinda kicks my butt at first, but I KILLLLLL her! Then I lead you throught the sequence to acquire the robes of regeneration (relic # 3) and head back toward the beginning…..still, you gotta love the bodily functions…yyup

Part 74 Vial of Valdane’s Blood

Here we leave the Dungeon of the Moors and head back to Skuldoon to give Vartugg the vial of valdane’s blood, or more like take on the quest given you because you have acquired valdane’s blood…

Part 75 Vale of Ruin

Now that we have Vartugg’s orders to proceed to the Vale of Ruin and the Unholy Arc, we do not do it…haha. Instead we head up to the Isle of the Damned in the Sea of Woe to collect the Shadow Crystal. But we don’t get there quite yet, that’s next vid! Just pay attention to where I’m running so you know where to go ๐Ÿ™‚

Part 76 Shadow Crystal

We finally get to the altar where the shadow guardian awaits and acquire the shadow crystal. THen we head straight south, under the water trap and over to the shadow Ruins where I show you what would be the last battle in the Battlefields of the Dead if you were to come from the south, not the north as I did.

Part 77 Shadow Ruins

We finally enter the Shadow Ruins and begin our strange quest there. Basically I’m just showing you the wherabouts of the Ruins and the different puzzles you face. The order you complete each puzzle doesn’t matter.

Part 78 Athena Statues

Now after we defeated all the athena blockers we move on to the next room where we hunt down three different treasure chests by way of three different shadow gates made available by three different athena statues…got it? ๐Ÿ˜€ Eventually we activate the first rune glyph as well.

Part 79 Third Puzzle

We now move on to the second and third puzzles. The first includes: finding our way through a set of hall mazes, the islands again, and the wind jumping section. Then we begin the third puzzle dealing with Lord Kingston. This includes: collecting the shadow stone from Kingston’s Statue and attempting the poisoned water bridge, which, of coarse, I fail at first. I swear I’ve never messed up so many times in this game as in this walkthrough! Arrgh.

Part 80 Poison Bridge

Here we get across the poison bridge, complete the chess puzzle and fight off the Wraiths. Then we follow Lord Kingston through the maze of shadow gates and then navigate another set of those island things. Then I do something stupid and fall off the pedistal in the end without activiting the rune glyph on top. That will be next video!!

Part 81 Last Rune Glyph

After the rune glyph decides not to activate a second time, we eventually get it, third times the charm! Then we head back to the hub and then onto a fire spout section and another island maze and eventually into the tower area where we activate the last rune glyph. Then we head on in toward the final area.

Part 82 Nauselom

Here we complete the last part of the shadow ruins and face Nauselom, who up and kills me right away…but I get my revenge next vid!!

Part 83 Nauselom

Here I basically show you the means to defeat Nauselom.

Part 84 Forbidden Lands

Here I basically just run back down to the moonbridge in the Forbidden Lands (I only make it to Skuldoon in this vid) to moon myself to the Vale of Ruin, while encountering some battles along the way.

Part 85 Unholy Arc

In this video I show you where to find the Unholy Arc and what to do there. Then we head back up to the northlands and travel to the Tomb of Souls.

Part 86 Tomb of Souls

We now begin the Tomb of Souls. In this, we take the necessary means to advance, but you can do it at your leisure (meaning there’s alot of chests and enemies to encounter other than what I show you). We acquire a key and a jewel in this video to advance as well. We end up in the challenge room.

Part 87 Fiend of Ghazbu

Now I show you the Feind of Ghazbu, and how the best way (to me) to defeat him is. Then we undergo the Watcher’s challenge, and finally end up in Voratuus’s tomb. BUT, I don’t show him to you yet! There’s something I forgot to show you earlier ๐Ÿ™‚

Part 88 Voratuus

In this video we defeat Voratuus and get Vartugg’s eye back. Then we go and claim out ‘demon spell’ prize. There’s also a ‘demon steel’ prize if you would rather have that.

Part 89 Voratuus

Here we enter the Maze of Irynthabl and I show you the first ‘burn burn’ game and how to play it. You have to do this 2 more times for a gate to the north to open. That will be my next vid

Part 90 Maze of Irynthabl

Now we get past the 2nd and 3rd burn burn games and enter the second half of the Maze of Irynthabl. In the second half the goal is to get both keys from either side of the room and put them in each gate lock.

Part 91 Ikrella

Here I basically show you around the first part of the SECOND part of the Maze of Irynthabl. There is a window overlooking the final battle area which you can use to kill Ikrella before her time (as well as a couple soul gazers)…but pretty much the second half is me killing the gazers and explaining what will happen during the battle.

Part 92 Ikrella the Witch Maze Boss

Now we decend the stairs and face Ikrella the Witch along with a few soul gazers. This nasty has a TON of spells that prohibit you from performing normally. Like sleep, slow and something that makes you defensless alltogether. ARGH! But she’s not tough if you have your shield and mask. Good luck!

Part 93 Barrowgrim Battle

Now we get teleported to Talendor after saving Ellowyn and fight Lord Barrowgrim’s Army of Soldiers, Mages and giant War Trolls, as well as Lord Barrowgrim himself. Next Video we will enter the Demon Realm OOooOOooOOoooo

Part 94 Demon Realm

Now I basically show you the demon realm and what you have to do to advance there. Trust me, the spawns don’t always stay this easy….

Part 95 Final Gates Before Shaduroth

Now I show you the next gate and the battle that spawns there. The biggest and hardest spawn battle before the last gate. The very last gate right before Shaduroth simply consists of a few Kalkydra and Succubuses (don’t know why, thought you’d get the big demons again….huh.

Part 96 Final Battle With Shaduroth

Guess what? We’re finally done! Now I beat the beasty of the Demon Realm, and we are named the ‘Lord of the Five Relics’ and recieve a cheezy ‘all hail’ for our efforts (not to mention dying 3 times.) Thanks again for watching and I’ll see you IF the sequal comes out! TOOTLES – Annabandit

Thanks to Annabandit and Born4playing for the walkthrough videos.


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