CityVille cheats and tips list (Facebook game)

CityVille Cheats and Tips Guide (Facebook)
Looking for tips, tricks and cheat codes for CityVille, the extremely popular Facebook game from casual-powerhouse Zynga?

Cityville is a city-building game similar to that of “FrontierVille”, and in fact strategies for both of the titles will work because the gameplay is exactly the same, except Cityville is set in modern times. CityVille is also the spiritual follow-up to social networking phenomenon FarmVille, a game everyone and your mom is probably playing.

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  • How Do I Make More Money Faster?

    A good strategy to make more money quicker is to build smaller houses that will generate low incomes. This will ultimately give you more money quicker because although they generate low-income, they do so at a quicker rate. When your city has enough money, you can then demolish these smaller buildings and build bigger houses in their place.

    Keep the Population Happy

    The key strategies for CityVille are simple and logical. #1 on your list should be to do everything you can to keep your citizens in a happy and good mood.

    Big House Doesn’t Equal More Money: Remember This

    Remember, a big house doesn’t equate with more money. It simply means you have more citizens.

    Watch Your Number of Citizens

    The needs of your citizens must be fulfilled in order for them to be happy. Therefore, if the population increases, you’ll need to also make sure that there are enough community buildings constructed to keep them happy. The general rule is that the more the population increases, the more unhappy your citizens will grow unless you can increase the number of community buildings and thus the numbers of people the city supports.

    Don’t Plant More Crops Than Your Deposits Hold

    An easy waste of money is to plant more crops than you need. Only plant as many as your deposits can hold, or else all the excess deposits will be lost. It is a good strategy to only plan crops when the shipping option is available. Thus constantly keep your eye on the purple bar that shows how many goods are in your deposits. If the bar fills then you should always sell to your neighbors before you harvest new crops.

    Add Real-Life Facebook Friends As Neighbors

    In CityVille, like FarmVille or FrontierVille before it, you will want to team up with real-life Facebook users you know and have them as neighbors. That’s because your neighbors will be the workers in your city. And each community building you build needs workers to complete construction. If you don’t have a real-life neighbor, you can spend in-game cash to fulfill the position but its preferrable to simply find another Facebook user and add them as a neighbor. The first time you enter the game, you should start inviting real Facebook users you know (friend or foe!) and get as many people as you can added; This will help you out tremendously in construction.

    Make Sure You Have the Space to Build

    Always keep your eye on the space available for constructing new buildings. You do not want to run out of space to build. Avoid reaching your space limit as much as you can. If you do not balance the number of civilian buildings with space constraints, your city may stagnate.

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